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Gene Genie

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Hi All

Well its 4 weeks now till my big three oh! I will be spending my birthday week down in Bournemouth with Mr G and i fully intend on having the whole week off (since its also christmas week) I dont plan on going mad and wont be eating choccie n crisps n crup but will be eating whatever I do eat without thinking of a colour first oh and I will deffo be having pud on my b'day!

what I need to know is where can we go eat thats nice in Dorset or the surrounding areas - we dont mind driving a bit as neither of us drink so it can be anywhere down that way - we both really like the whole British food thing and love things like a good roast or a good casserole but dont mind a chinese, infact the only things that is out 100% is indian as im not keen on it. need to book now with it being christmas week but cant think of anywhere apart from our usual haunts of the local harvester and brewers fayre which not being snobby i want something a bit more resteraunty for my big birthday meal!

Decided that even though my whole family wanted a huge party its not really a good time to be having one people will feel obliged to buy pressies and spend money on drink and party clothes etc and well everyone is skint because of the whole credit crunch and with it being christmas (id rather they spend the tenner they would have spent on my pressie on their kids) but it does mean that i need to make whatever I do with Mr G a bit special so its just as memorable as the huge party

Also while im at it need to do something during the day thats fun or has pretty scenery that doesnt cost a fortune (we went to monkey world for Mr G's bithrday) were starting the day with a nice walk near lulworth cove but that wont last all day .. basically anything that doesnt involve shops full of last minute mental christmas shoppers!

Any help would be appreciated !
Gen x
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Hi Gen,

I live in Bournemouth and there are a few places that are yummy. My personal fav is Prezzo in Christchurch, it's lovely there. Italian food and quite reasonable too. You could then wrap up warm and go for a walk down the quay and through the beautiful priory.

There is a really lovely pub/restaurant called the Lambs Green in Wimborne, which would make for a nice afternoon out. They do British food but a bit more up market than the Harvester. It's always busy and I've never had a bad meal there.

If your staying in Bournemouth there are SO many restaurants to choose from, Ask is nice, Italian again. Actually most of them are. There is an amazing chinese place called The Mandarin, good food but not always the cheapest.

As for the day out...You could get your walking shoes on and go too the New Forest. Ummm there isnt a great deal to do in Bournemouth, it's really a sleepy sea side town, lol, apart from the nightlife, beach and shops! Which you want to stay away from. If I think of anything else I will let you know.

Have fun!!

Cassie x

Hope this helps!

Gene Genie

Mad as cheese
Hi Cass
Thanks xx think I will call Mr G and send him to investigate the places you have suggested and see he wants to take me to any of them.. hes a bloomin picky eater!

I cant believe it but even though Mr G has lived there for 9 months now and I have been down loads I havent had the need to find anything more upmarket than the local pub grub ( i cooked on his birthday, but i dont think we will risk him cooking on mine! lol)

I was thinking of the new forest for our day out also

Thanks for your help

Gen x