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OT Gotta interview.. Help!!!!!

3 strengths
3 weaknesses
biggest challenge in your last job?
example of team work
what have you been most proud of in your work life
how do you prioritise?
what make you apply for this position?
do you know what the job involves?
as you will be welcoming customers, what your appearance should be?
have you ever done this kind of job before?
My strengths..

I have excellent interpersonal skills and am able to communicate on all levels

My ability to work productively to ensure the best use of time (worded wrong )

My strong work ethic; to get the job done to the best of my ability.
i am usually quite good at interviews, I have always been offered the job! I usually look very closely at the job spec and try and jimmy into the answers evidence that I am the kind of person they are asking for.

I dont know what a homes administrator is, but a general question I have been asked before are something like why would you be a good person to have on our team, can you give an example of how you have worked with other organisations/ other professionals....it is also helpful to add to your answers about where you have achieved stuff in a previous job, again thinking about the person spec, so you are providing evidence that you are the kind of person they want to have. It also doesnt matter if you dont quite understand what they are asking, I have asked before for clarification of a question, or asked them to repeat the question.
Just remember that you can do the job and the people doing the interview want to give the job to someone, so it may as well be you.
Not that long ago I didnt put myself up for a job because I thought there would be someone more qualified or better at it! the bosses then employed people that certainly couldnt do the job better than me and had less experience. I didnt forget that lesson and when anthor job came up I went for it and got it

You go get em girl, basically tell them what they want to hear and more and make them believe that you are the one
Biggest challenge

Probably when the ward changed completely from Care of the Elderly to isolation ward. We had to embrace a whole new way of working. This also involved challenging the standards of other departments such as physios, doctors and phlebotomomists who were not so keen on the changes. Very challenging but exciting and definately worth making the changes as the standards within the ward became exceptionally higher.

(help with wording??)
Team work

I have always worked within a team and have found I become a natural leader when needed and yet can take listen and instruction from others. Within my current role team work is essential for the standards of care of our patients to be consitantly high. We communicate with each other to ensure all duties are carried out and that the work is shared equally. I have a "can do" attitude which makes me a valuable member of any team
that sounds fab! I work in health and I was there during a huge time of upheaval... I was able to explain the challenges, how I helped with a change to a new system, but also acknowledged that I knew about the challenges involved in the new post and that I wasn't phased by it, and what I had learned from my past experience, I think that was the edge over the other candidates, I knew about the less than cosy side of the job and I was saying that I was willing to work hard to affect change...I think it worked as they gave the job to me over a senior who has been qualified 10 years longer than me.
What am I most proud of?

I am proud that I have made an impact on people's lives. I am proud of the cards and letters I have received from customers, patients and relatives thanking me for going the extra mile, or for treating them as a person not just a number.
How do I prioritise?

The obvious answer here would be to do what is most urgent first, however this can change throughout your working day. For example I could be finishing an urgent email which is my priority at the time and a client arrives to see the manager and the the telephone could start to ring. The priority here would be the client, but the phone is ringing. So here I would answer the phone but ask the caller to hold. Greet the client and inform the manager of their arrival. Then return to the call and then finish the email.
Do I know what the job involves

Yes, although I was offered the interview through K7 solutions I looked at the job description via the Guild care website. However could you please clarify the duties.

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