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OT: Looking to talk to anyone who suffers from Diabetes (Insulin Resistance)


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im insulin resistant but not diabetic ( hopefuly )


This will be my year
Me too... I'm currently taking 500mg Metformin 4 times a day x
Thanks for all your replies :)

Redhead66 - Are you insulin resistant too?

I was just wondering how you cope with being Insulin resistant? Do you cut all sugar, carbs and fat completely out of your diet? Also, how does Metformin help with insulin resistance?

The reason why i ask is beacause i am on medication that makes me unable to process sugar as a side effect. I dont know if it causes insulin resistance but i'm pretty sure its something similar because i've researched my medication and found that it has caused diabetes in some cases.

Also, i have gained alot of weight on my stomach area and i have never had weight gain there before (even when i gained weight on a different medication that i took about 4 years ago).

So from what i have read about insulin resistance, i think thats whats going on in my body.

I want to ask my GP about Metformin but he will not take me seriously because i havn't got Diabetes, but he has acknowledged that the medication makes me unable to process sugar.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and advice about this.

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my insulin resistance is linked to my pcos, metformin is now a recognised treatment for this, when i was diagnosed 10 years ago i had to fight for it..... now i just have to fight numpty gp's who like to go against my consultant, infact am waiting on a referral back to gynacology due to gp saying my records have come from previous gp minus my medication history, grrrr

if your not diagnosed as insulin resistant or diabetic then the gp wont be able to give you metformin, ask for a referral for blood tests to determine if this is whats happening to you, think it would be endocrinology that would deal with this


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oh and as im insulin resistant and at high risk of developing type 2 diabeties ( was told i had between 2 and 5 years before becoming diabetic....... nearly 11 years ago ) i should stick to a low GI diet.

for me if i have high carbs particularly sugery foods is my brain sends out release insulin messages but doesnt get the job done message from my pancreas so keeps sending the message till my systems flooded with insulin converting al the sugar it can find to fat ( not sure of how exactly the process works, just what the doctor told me )

of course then my blood sugar levels drop and i end up shaky, sweaty, headachy and the ony thing that lifts it is more carbs

on low carb diet and on cambridge im so much more balanced and feel much better

the metformin helps increase my sensitivity to insulin and my bodys response.
when i was on it before having my daughter i lost weight and some of my pcos symptoms improved greatly, ive not had any adverse side effects from the metformin thou some do, the metformin coupled with the weight loss helped me have my daughter thou :)


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and i know some one will point out that when coming off a carb high many folks fee a lite unwell hungry but what i experience is harsher, ive been known to lose conciousness, not great when out alone or in one case when driving the car. luckily i know the signs these days, last time it happenned i had enough time to get the car off the road and i grabbed the chocolate off my daughter, took a bite before passing out, she was not impressed i ate some of her choccy, lol


This will be my year
My insulin resistance is due to PCOS too, and I suffer exactly the same as Claire with the sugar highs and lows.

Metformin is also known as glucophage, and is a diabetes drug that increases my body's ability to use the insulin it produces. As Claire says, GP's will only prescribe it if there's evidence of insulin resistance or diabetes, although I have read a few posts on here where gynaes have prescribed it to help with the symptoms of PCOS.

If your meds mean that you don't process sugar, is your GP not keeping an eye on your blood sugar level as I would have thought this is the first thing he/she would need to do? If not, it would be worthwhile to ask for a blood test to confirm your sugar levels as this would confirm your belief for you, and might open the door to you getting some sort of help.

I have to say though that Metformin isn't a wonder drug - you still have to work at it :sigh: All it does it helps my body to be able to lose weight at the rate I might expect if I were able to process insulin properly... and there are side effects for some people (runny tummy, sickness), so it's not the drug for everybody.

Claire - if you're waiting for a referral in Sheffield and don't already have a consultant, I'd recommend Mr Lashen - I know he's at Jessops, but I'm not sure where else. He diagnosed my PCOS 5 years ago after almost 15 years of being messed about by my GP/local hospital :mad:



please try again
yep waiting for referral in sheffield
moved here in 2008 and my consultant in belfast faxed his instructions that i should be on metformin for life unless pregnant or breastfeeding, i was in the room when the fax was recieved by the gp but the next month when i went for repeat prescription she denied ever recieving it and they fobbed me off for months so i moved gp's and my medical history came to them missing many important peices. theyve promised to make the referral twice now as they say they cant prescribe without consultant sayso and all my consultants notes are missing.
to this point theyve still not put in the referral, insisted on me being tested for thyroid problems due to the black outs and generally peed about

will be going back to have another word/rant at them as my pcos symptoms are ramped up again, im a spotty hairy mess and totm is all over the pace, not helpful when ttc