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OT: Meet Bobby!

She looks fab! I once had a Fiat called, Fifi Trixiebell, the Incredible Flying Fiat. I loved her and she loved me. Wishing you and Bobby a long and happy time together!!!
She's beautiful - can you ask your dad can I have one in pink please ;)
Absolutely love her! I have a bit of a thing for cars too, currently the proud owner of a Nissan Figaro called Figgy Pudding!!



is gonna do it!!
Wicked Car! My first car was a white K reg beetle. I was only 17 and it was always conking out, but I loved her. She was called Gratziella!
Nice to meet you Bobby! Our car is called Eugene (cos of the letters in the numberplate lol) but is poorly and in the garage so we have a hire car at the mo. I miss Eugene :(
Oooh I'm jealous! My first car at 17 (20 years ago eeek!) was a mediterraen blue beetle & his name was Barnaby Licorice. I had him for 8 years but had to sell when I moved to London to live with bf (now DH!) Broke my heart :sigh:. I always said if I ever won the lottery I would track him down and buy him back....oh well. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun in Bobby!

Absolutely love your beautiful Bobby Colleen!! :D I remember my uncle having one in orange 30-odd years ago! :D

I'm also loving all these fab names you've all given your vehicles! Anyone got any ideas on what I can call my Focus?

It's an S-reg metallic green one, I sort of started off calling it Rob because the number plate has RDB in it and it looks like Rob from a distance :rolleyes: But that's never stuck because it's too boring and I'm 100 % sure my car is female anyway lol!:D


To infinity and beyond!
Fab car, great colour. We had a Beetle when I was a little girl, remember piling it up to go on holiday.

I have a black Ka, known as Eggmobile or The Egg :)


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that's so cool! i've been trying to convince my dad he wants to swap cars for ages but he's having none of it :( maybe I should change tactics and ask for one of them instead of HIS car!!!

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