OT- My Poor Boy Bunny

Principessa N

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We had to put our boy house bunny down :cry:he was poorly and it was for the best but i'm so sad, my OH is devestated and was crying all day yesterday (3rd time i have seen him cry in 4 years and the other 2 times were during speeches at his brothers weddings) Our girl bunny is all on her own, she's sad and lonely waiting for him to come home. At the moment she's in a seperate room as their cage is massive, we have to get a smaller one so she can be in a room with us.

I'm just so sad, diets still out the window, was going to rejoin group today but as they charged over £100 to put him to sleep and prob another £100 on a new home for our girl, i'm skint, might have to cancel xmas.

Ok i'll stop moaning now, hope everyone has a good day.
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I am so sorry to hear your sad news. I know how you must be feeling. We had a house rabbit and he was very poorly and when he died we were devastated. In fact crying just thinking of him now.

Hope your girl bunny is ok

Lots of love
Irene xx


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How sad... I have a house bunny and he's just the best little companion, etc. Full of personality and that. I had another bun before him that was also a house rabbit and me and the OH both cried like a couple of girls when we buried him. I decided not to get another one because I didn't want to go through that again, but then my current little bun hopped into my life (he was found as a stray and needed a home). He's amazing and I can't imagine what life would be like without him. So my heart goes out to you. I hope your heart mends soon!

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Awww Hun...that really is sad and sending you lots of virtual hugs.
My cat died on Christmas Day last year...he was 18 and loosing eyesight etc.
I am so sorry to hear that Girlbunny is pining, she will come around, but it will take a little while.



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Oh sorry hun, we grow so attached to our wee pets don't we, they are part of the family. my mum sobbed her heart out when my brothers hamster died. Everyone said och it's just a wee hamster but you do grow attached.


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aw poor you and gal bunny, we have a 'house' guinea pig (not trained, but as in he's indoors) we love him to bits and he's a real character, we'd defo miss him. bigs hugs xxx