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OT - Quick update

Decided to update everyone on my Mirena Coil adventure and immigration woes.

I got the coil on Nov 11, hurt like heck but didnt last too long, although I did have cramps for about a week and half (hot water bottle became my best friend). So far so good, no side effects with that.

I am STILL waiting to hear back to see if my Spouse Visa has been approved. I ended up calling immigration and they told me that the first 65% of the application are decided within the first 4 weeks, after that there is no limit as to how long it would take (they never told me this when I applied), anyway they said that they can't give me any information on the progress until it's been 14 weeks since my appointment. So if I still haven't received it by Jan 7 I can call then to see what's up.
So until then it's a very very long waiting game. Because of this we had to cancel our 2nd wedding back in Canada which really sucks.
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know how the visa thing feels like!!
i have had to do all of that RUBBISH!!!! we missed a trip to paris with my parents who came over from aus in August...
but after 4 months it came back.. i just think they are super busy or super lazy at the moment, and i am going for the latter!!!!

try not to stress about it. (i know all to well that its easier said than done!!!)

we are having our second wedding (well reception) next year.. really looking forward to going back all skinny!!!!!

good luck with the visa...
I am originally from Canada, I met him 3 years ago on the internet and flew over to meet him in Scotland. We clicked and he asked me to move over with him. We got married in July of this year here in Scotland but we were suppose to have a 2nd wedding back home in Canada for my family but that's on hold now.
Damn immigration !!!


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ohhh your only on your first visa....
ahhhhh that one took heaps longer than this second one!!!!!
good luck


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey jen!

Hope you are well1

them damn immigration people! Try amd relax! No news is good news! huh
love katie

ohhh your only on your first visa....
ahhhhh that one took heaps longer than this second one!!!!!
good luck
My first Visa I got to come here was a 2 year Working Holiday Visa, that took less then 2 weeks to come. I applied in September for the 2 year spouse Visa, that's the one I haven't heard back from yet. Then after those 2 years I need to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain which lets me stay here for good. That one is gonna cost me around £1000 (ouch but he is worth it )


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yeah that ilr one is the one ive jsut done.
and you have to take a test, so be prepared for that one!!!!

ive had to do exactly what you have done, and i know when i applied for mine, i didnt get it back until the new year (applied in august)
just be patient... hope it comes through soon though!!!!!
Thanks Kes, I have pretty much given up on getting it back before X-mas. I needed to stop stressing so when I get it I get it, I can't do anything to get it quicker I just need to learn to be patient lol
Hiya....i still got my fingers crossed for your visa hun, this love story needs a happy ending! x
i hope it works out ok you deserve it :) x
Saw your FB news...you gona share here??

EDIT!...just seen your other thread! D'oh

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