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OT - Spasms in my hand - any suggestions what it might be?

Just wondered if anyone had come across anything like this before

For a couple of weeks now Ive had an intermittent numbness around my elbow (hows that for random ;) ) and I keep getting spasms in my hand. My wrist feels as if theres a weakness in it and I have a numbness and pins and needles in my pinkie and ring finger

Anyone heard of anything similar or any suggestions??
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Sounds a bit like a trapped radial nerve? Not that I'm a doctor.....

There are two main nerves i think in your lower arm, one affects certain fingers, the other the remaining nerves.

Other than that, I have no clue.
Lol :) Yeah i had a thing where my fingers sort of curled (slightly like a claw) and then just twitched a lot. No idea why only thing I could think was I had been for a long walk (that is my idea of a lot of exercise at the moment :S) Really freaked me out :(
I severed my ulnar nerve some years back (a dopey moment with stuck toffee in a pyrex dish and a carving knife, ahem), and suffer a lot of what you're experiencing with it.


maintaining since June'09
I have CTS. In my experience it comes and goes. There are times when I think crumbs this is so bad maybe I WILL have to have the operation :( but others, happily more frequent when it doesn't bother me much at all. So don't think it just has to get worse coz that's not the case at all :) xx


maintaining since June'09
I've got a splint that I wear when it's bad. I tend to take it off to do things - dishes & stuff and I was told to take it off at night but I've read that the advice should be to leave it on .... I guess maybe it depends how bad it is. I know the pins and needles are really uncomfortable but marginally better than the actual pain which you can get (hope you don't obviously!). I haven't actually had any spasms, sounds like you're having quite a nasty 'attack'. Hope it eases up soon xx

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