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Pins & needles in my hands


not giving up
Hi everyone

I wondering if anyone can help. I have noticed I have been getting pins and needles in my hands since doing SS. Well it feels like the start of pins and needles just before it get really painful if that makes sense?

Has anyone else suffered from it? I have never had this before and was interested to find out if it is just me? I googled it and noticed there is a thread relating to it from 2008 but no sort of answer any suggestions and should I be worried? :confused:

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hey that happens to me too!!!
i noticed it first time when i was sat in the car and my arm was dangling down just a little bit and i got the worst pins and needles ever. i wake up with them sometimes too. i would love to know an explanation for it. i just find that unless i keep moving i get pins and needles in some part of me. right now its my right foot! and the weird thing is that its quite frequent.
Well it certainly would be worth mentioning it to your CDC. I looked it up on the NHS website and their was a lists of things it could be. Some folk mentioned aching legs and I did get those too a while ago. And it's lack of calories something to do with muscles getting more tired. So perhaps it's something along those lines.
I don't know about tingling (except I get this lots in my sleep when I wake up with a dead arm due to lying on it), but my leg muscles seem to get tired really easily. Climbing stairs is a killer! Much more so than it used to be before I started the diet and I am on SS+.
When I had a partial thyroidectomy, one of the side effects is calcium deficiency. I started having tingling all over my body, especially my hands and legs. I called my Dr and he told me to get some milk in me (live quite far out of town so a chemist was too far away & just had my throat cut open so I couldnt eat!). When I did, I was okay.

From time to time, not just when on CD the same thing happens cos Im not a milk drinker.

Everytime I have a milky coffee it goes.

Im on 810, if a lot of days go by with out eating cottage cheese or using my milk/yoghurt allowance the tingling comes back - as soon as I eat somthing with calcium it passes

If you are on SS - could this be it - a need for calcium, it would be good to discuss with your CDC


not giving up
Thanks everyone some really interesting thoughts much appreciated.

I'm glad I'm not alone on this I was starting to think it was just me.

I'm due for my second weigh in tomorrow morning so I will ask her and let u all know what she says.

Thanks again x

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not giving up
Unfortunately not I'm afraid she has never come across it either. She did advise me to keep an eye on it though. I have however been looking into it myself and calcium seems to be the answer and the quick significant change in diet apparently nothing to worry about which is reassuring x

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Somebody told me the commonest cause was a vitamin B12 deficiency which is a form of aneamia(can't spell it!) Maybe it would be worth while going and asking your doctor for a blood test.
Ooo thanks for this as my mum is anaemic too.., ps u spelt it right ;)

Ringing gp in the morning one thanks xx

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