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OT Who Are You Rooting For On X Factor?


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I was gutted when Storm left last week and am not too sure who my allegiance lies with now, but I know for definite I am so NOT liking Cher Lloyd, something about her just doesn't sit right with me.

Who are you liking and who would you like to win?

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Cher wears so so so so so much make-up!!! It's killing me!! I can't decide who my favourite is at all....well that little boy band are so cute...no favourite yet though....I was not a fan of Storm at all! Ooooohh Matt singing with a guitar....I think I've found my fav...I would have fancied him rotten if he was in school with me..I have a weakness for male singers...doesn't hurt that he looks alright! ;)
I agree Cher is not the one... Sooner she goes the better, what's with the weird faces lol

I like aiden (who also has strange faces but not as freaky as Cher) but also Matt in the hat I like him a lot..... And of course Mary
its a tough one this year. I think the dark horse is Rebecca... but personally I lOOOOVE Matt.. he's an amazing singer.

Cher Lloyd out - she's rubbish.
Forgot about Aidan..loved him in the first week...I'm over Mary...I don't get the hype...maybe tonights song will warm me to her..


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
How many times are we going to hear that the contestants on X Factor went shopping? We get the point ffs, they went on an all expenses paid shopping trip to Oxford Street whilst the rest of us are lucky if we get to go to Primark for a treat once a month. And yes, I'm jealous MUAH HA HA HA LOL!
lol..and 500 people just happened to be there..camera in hand!!!
Matt and Aiden all they way I love them both. I do really like cher though but she won't win, but she will have a hit! cos' shes gangsta innit.
My trio: Rebecca, Matt and Mary.
Katie is all right too.
Cher is rubbush, not fan of the groups.
Rebecca or Matt to win - both so talented.

Katie and Cher out ASAP - pair of obnoxious, cocky *%*s who think far too much of themselves IMHO

I love Paije...infact I dont mind who wins apart from Cher.



Here we go again!
Cher out, can't stand Katie don't know what it is about her but I just can't take to her at all! Too, too desperate for fame I think!

I think One Direction will win cos of the little girly vote but I like Matt and Rebecca!
OK...ELEPHANT in the room...Wagner!!!!
Why doesn't he get voted off??? Also why don't the judges say he can't sing?? Can't believe he got through again this week...ugh!
I totally love Rebecca, love her fashion style, elegance and whatta voice!!!
I like Katie, she reminds me of a young Madonna as does Cher somehow...she has that attitude.
Matt and Paige....oooo I can't choose, really good this year...mmmm!! :cool:


Will be thin god dammit!!
I luuurve Matt in the Hat - great singer and excellent eye candy too!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I'm well better looking and am a far better singer and guitar player and I'm better than him at pool and darts and football and kissing girls and stuff !
Of course you are!
And if you were on X Factor you would have my sworn alliegance :D;)
I can't wait for Cher and Katie to go.. They are both so far up their own backsides it is unreal!!

I am with Cheryl... Whatever planet Wagner is from must be very well populated.. They keep voting the plonker in!!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
The novelty of Wagner has worn off however my theory is, they keep him in for a week where say it'd be easy to boot him out, get him out too early then we'll be able to booger off for an hour, then when we get back Simon will still be umming and ahhing over who to boot out! Good god he takes forever!

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