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OT worlds most enhanced woman

I watched this last night and well at first I laughed but as the programme looked deeper and deeper into her life I wasnted to cry. Her life must be pretty shallow if that is all the aspires too. I really felt sorry for her at the end after yet more surgery and she was crying and the camers were shooting pics of her!

I am just grateful my life is not like that.

I personally dont think she knows what she wants out of life! Oh and the woman whose husband had the wacky idea to make her massive on her tiny frame looked awful. In fact they all did! It must be a bit like eating disorders when you see yourself as fat when really your close to just being skin and bone, does that make sense. (No offence to anyone who has suffered with an eating disorder)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i don't know i think they valuate there lives on the size of there breasts and there never happy it's called body dysmorphia i think, they evaluate themselves by the way the men in there life see them i think the last woman was happy she was just a bit addicted to the attention and to making them bigger which is really unhealthy i cant even begin to imagine how hard it is on those tiny women carrying them around all day.
yeah I saw this too - it was actually really sad! I thought the Brazillian lady seemed like a really sweet (yet really misguided) character and I thought to myself 'doesnt she want to have a more fulfilling job in life?'... her boobs are her livelihood and as long as she has those she will make money but if she gets them decreased like she mentioned at the end then she can kiss good-bye to all the wods of money she has gotten used to- it's a catch 22 situation. Very interesting programme - I like Mark Dolan interview style, very Louis Theroux.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i loved louey theroux but i think mark is a bit more endearing he seems to care a bit more

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