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(OT) Worried for my Mother In Law (cancer related)


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Sorry to drop another 'meh' on you guys so soon after the last (not been a good year and all coming to head).

[note - this is about my MIL having cancer so warning you know incase it's something you'd find upsetting - know this affects a lot of folk]

My OH's Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last May. Initially they thought it was lower risk but after the biopsy they had her in for a mastectomy on that breast. She also had the lymph node removed on that side too.

She had the chemo and radiotherapy and all seemed to be ok.

Until 2 months ago, she had the other breast removed as a 'precaution'. She was a bit cagey about it but I put it down to worry.

She goes in tomorrow for more surgery - to have half her thyroid gland after they did a biospy and found 'nodules'.

I don't know much about breast cancer in all honesty - I keep meaning to learn more about it but I am too scared to. I've peeked into the link between breast cancer and the thyroid but nothing too indepth - all I know is that whereas developing breast cancer after thyroid cancer is linked due to iodine, they are not sure when it is reversed.

Anyway, I am scared - mostly for my OH. She was diagnosed only 9 months after her Mum died from breast cancer, so OH is freaking out a bit, but in his 'not showing it' way. The only time he cracked was at the start - he grabbed me, cried into my hair and said 'why do all the women I love leave me or get ill?'

Anyway, to those on here who have had cancer - you're amazing. OH's Mum is too - it's scary and yet she's handled it so well.

If anyone can spare some PMA for it on Weds I'd be appreciative.

Sorry for moaning againthis week - think it's all bubbling to surface after beating it back down for months.


EDIT: God I hope nobody thinks that I was more worried about work than my MIL by twining on about that first! I don't like mentioning this too much to friends and such - and talking to OH is hard (we can normally talk openly but this is hard). I figured you don't 'know' me so it's safe to open up here about this etc. Gah!
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I am so sorry your MIL has to go through all this, and you too have not had a good time of late.
PMA to you, your MIL and your OH.
Wishing you all the very best.
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We don't mind a few 'meh' sessions chicky!! :)

Tough times...so many *hugs hugs hugs* and muchos pma x


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Thanks all - really good to be able to have a platform to discuss this. I am lucky that I can tell my OH anything (oh his ears were bleeding last week lol) but not this. It's so hard for him and I feel I am letting him down somewhat.

Thanks for your support - again - will repay all this I promise xxx


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Your MIL is in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs to you xxxxxx
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I understand how you are feeling, both my mum and my aunt had mastectomys done and at the time when the cancer was first discovered we all freaked out. You cann't see it, touch it or even know its there till it needs treatment of some kind but it invades everyones life not just the patients. I found that I had to be soo positive to the extent I was almost in denial about it, trying to be cheery for everyone. All I can say is that progress in the treatements have progressed so much over the recent years that prognosis is good these days. Both my mum and aunt fully recovered and are great now. Everyone deals with this in different ways but I feel that it is something that should be taked about in the open and get as much understanding of it as you possibly can. Its very true what they say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, if you understand whats going on its a lot less frightening. Your OH will talk when he is ready, he's soo frightened right now, just be there for him and listen when hes ready as I know you will. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


I will succeed!!!
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Thanks to all your kind words and thought.

The surgery went ahead yesterday and as far as we know, it went well. It was late afternoon so she was still 'out of it' last night. We didn't go to the hospital 'cause of this but spoke to OH's Dad who filled us in.

I just pray it's the last of the surgery for her - she's had a lot in a short space of time. She keeps joking she's on an installment plan with God and it's only 'cause she fancies her doctor (typical of her to joke :) ) - her spirits are up which is good.

Thanks again :) xxx

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