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our Cats are fighting


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Hi guys

So i have 4 cats, one male ( neutered) Bobble, 1 female ( neutered) Luna and her 2 kittens ( now 18 months old both female and neutered) Zita and mouse
They have all got along fine, happy and play together, and sleep together. Until this week.......
Early monday morning i woke at 4.44am to a loud crash downstairs. couldnt see much, but in the morning, Zita kept hissing and lashing out at Bobble.
Both are terrified of each other, and if they see each other the hissing starts over.

We have read lots online and trying various things............. but anyone ever had there cats start fighting that were previously fine??

All ideas welcome!
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We have two cats that we have had since they were kittens. We got them on the same day but they were from different litters. When they were young they were inseparable, would sleep together and groom each other all the time. It was probably from around the year/ 18 month mark that they started to get a bit cranky with each other. I presume it is probably a dominance thing at that age.
They are both 7 now and although they will sometimes hiss at each other, jump out from behind walls at each other and generally be pains they still eat from the same food bowl every monring and evening and have just learnt to stay a respectful distance from each other.
Do yours have access to outside or somewhere to get away from each other? Our male cat often legs it out the cat flap when our female cat (who is a little madam) has one on her.
If they have been fine all this time I am sure they will sort it out, even if that is learning to stay a respectful distance away from each other.
I'd love to have more cats but our two are definitely lap cats so as there are only two of us at home I think we would need to get a lodger to provide extra lap room first!
My two were brother and sister. At about the age of 2 they started fighting BIG STYLE - every day - hissing,scratching, furballs rolling down the street in the wind. I got worried until I saw a big black 2 headed cat in the cat hammock one morning - typical - fight like cat & dog (so to speak), then cuddle up to go to sleep :rolleyes:


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