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our SW faves!

Hi :D
Thought maybe we could starts a thread to big up our fave SW buys, not the must haves like fat free yog, but the little lovely things that are low synish and make it all that much easier to stick to plan.

Mine would be Olives mmm (8 for 1 syn)
pickled eggs (free!!) and blueberries (we always used to get something yum to nosh on the way home from the supermarket. OH has sweeties, i now have blueberries instead of choc)

what would urs be?
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oooo flying saucers.... 4 for 1 syn i think


Olives - really love them to! Smoked salmon - eat as much of it as I like and its all free - pity smoked mackerel isn't!
Smoked salmon and mint Hi-Fi bars! :D
Ha ha!! No, not together ;)
Mmm I love mint hi fi bars, and I'm drinking a lot of hot Chocolate at the moment (skinny Cow or options). I love after 8's (icelands cheapy brand) for 2 syns each, I make one last for ages! Mini meringue nests (1 syn each) crushed with strawberries and a vanilla & choc mullerlight are lush!
mine isnt really low but new caramel 2 finger kitkats 5 and a 1/2 syns lovely with a cup of tea. but a low one i make a sugar free jelly up and mix in a muller light then put in little dishes makes 6 and it separates in the dishes yoghurt sinks to the bottom the jellys 1/2 syn for lot so if i have one a day they are free well i think so anyway only problem kids like them to much
I'm going to try pot noodle in a mug tomorrow, got 2 packets in the cupboard...like the idea of light triangles mixed into a mugshot tho!

I love lasagne crisps with HEX B houmous too.
Have just found Aldi's 'Cook it, Taste it, Love it' range, and I do love it!!

Lamb shank with rosemary and mint sauce (2 1/2 syns) well worth it, and ready from frozen in 11 mins.

Pork shank with sweet and sour sauce (4 syns) but still worth it. Not too sweet, but the sauce is runny, not sticky. Think that this is also ready from frozen in 11 mins (not really sure, my mum cooked me this one!!)

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