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Out and in of ketosis in one day?

Hi everyone!

I have eaten food I shouldn't a few times in the last 4 weeks. Every time I do I don't loose or put on weight by the next day, normal I guess. What I find strange is that as soon as I start the CD shakes my urine starts smelling of acetone almost instantly, usually by the end of the first day on CD! Is this normal?
Xx Ana
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I didn't know that your urine smelling of acetone meant that you were in ketosis. If that is the case, I'm constantly in ketosis because my urine smells disgustingly all the time! How can I be in ketosis if I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables?:confused:
My urine does not usually smell near this strong, a strange smell of metal or rust, difficult to describe. I do actually notice a big difference from when I don't take CD products and when I do.
Just wonder if it's ketosis or the stuff in the CD products.
How long does it take to get in ketosis?

I only started the CD on Sat, woudl I be in it now?


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Jo Agyeman said:
How long does it take to get in ketosis?

I only started the CD on Sat, woudl I be in it now?
It's possible, I'm usually in ketosis by the end of day 3, start of day 4 at the latest!
I have been on the diet for a few weeks now and very strict for the last two. I lost 2 lbs last week but weighed in on friday and I have gained 2lbs. I'm on 810, I have had enough water, haven't been cheating and have been in ketosis most of the time. Any ideas why I havent lost? Very frustrating. :)
Hi all cd losers
I have been on cd 4 shakes a day and I brought a ketose stick. You can buy them at superdrug for about a fiver.
good luck cd losers :)

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