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Out of control, reduced to gorging on chicken in morrisons carpark!


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So even though ive been an angel for my first month, things took a bit of a turn for the worse Saturday as ive been under quite alot of stress with one thing and another. Starts with not eatting breakfast....not good

Gets to lunch and i am RAVENOUS and literally went to the deli counter in morrisons and ordered 5 chicken legs and two sausages...big ones and just stuffed the lot in under 5 minutes. I dread to think what passers by thought.

Its that binging though isnt it, even though u think ur in totall control, a slip up and it all goes to sodding pot. Anyone like me and think..."Well ive done it now i mite aswell carry on"

Do u think 2 days of off the plan will still let me lose weight this weigh in! help
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Aww hun i feel for you! i did somethng similar this weekend but i did have to laugh at the title! i could just imagine me doing something similar!!!

We all have our blips!

So Auntie Kissme is telling you to be a good girl for the rest of the week and it wont be a problem!

I mucked up over this weekend but i gonna be an angel now!

ive drawn a line under it and am moving on! no point dwelling and beating yourself up over it!

Mrs V

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I agree with Kissme. If you get back on track and be a very good girl, you may get away with a sts or a loss..however, you MUST get back into it sooner rather than later.
We have all been there Hun and I sympathise with you, its all too easy to give in rather than say enough is enough.
Come on, you can do it!!



needs to focus!!!!
its good that you know you've done wrong also chick and you sound like you want to get back on track, which is an even bigger bonus, so get back on it and eat loads of superspeed foods, and you never know what might happen :). xx


I agree with Mrs V - i'm sure everyone has little set backs and even if you do put something on this week it's not the end of the world!
Think positive - this weekend i used 100+ syns in 3 days but i enjoyed what i ate and drank and am accepting that i will put on this week but i have set myself another mini goal to be an angel for the next month.

There are plenty of people here who have had the same experience so i'm sure will all support you!

You can do it!! :D


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I really think that the WHOLE secret to succeeding on a weight loss plan is learning to get back on track after your blips!! It's 100% guaranteed that we're ALL going to have moments, days, weekends or even weeks like this, but where we go wrong is that we decide that we've ruined it all and might as well go back to our old ways again, as if we've broken some kind of spell!! (I say 'we' because I know I've done this many times in the past)! STOP, THINK, WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THIS RATIONALE?! There isn't any whatsoever!! Think about it in the grand scheme of things! It's only ONE moment in a whole week! Of course you can get back on track! My first experience EVER of successfully getting back on track after being off the rails for a few days was this Christmas just gone! I started SW at the end of October and was dreading Christmas and all the goodies it brings! But after having 4 pigout days between Christmas Day and New Years Day, I got strictly back on it and it felt so good to finally regain control!! In the past I would never have done that! In the past a holiday away or a Christmas period would spell the end for me! What a crazy attitude! I'm really thinking long term this time, and I'm thinking realistically, that I will have events that will sabotage my virtues, but that's OK because that's life and it's all about how we choose to handle it!!XXX