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Out of curiosity...How is your partner reacting to your weight loss?

I know it's random but I was just wondering if people have any good stories about how their partner is reacting to them losing the weight and stuff? :) I know your partner will love you whatever size you are but has anyone's been like 'woah you know what your pretty damn hot' lmao!! Thought it might be nice :) my bf obviously loves me no matter what, but I am looking forward to reaching my goal weight and buying some skimpy undies to celebrate hehe!
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Heh, it's a good incentive!

Well, in a brief nutshell - I started WW last March and lost five stone - Rob was really happy for me, very supportive (but a little bit of a sabotager - he would often offer me things) and then I went off the rails as I was basically starving myself. He was happy that I was eating again basically, so nothing really was said of it.

This year I've had a few abortive attempts at trying to lose weight, having gained three of that five stone back due to ill health. I know Rob is disappointed that I've gained it, as he knew I felt better being smaller and was happier with myself. He is supportive - will eat the foods I eat (but I usually cook him more of it or double it up as he's tall and skinny) and tries to make me choose good foods - if I'm having an off day he will try and steer me in the right direction :) xxx
Aww thats sweet. Sounds like hes helping a lot then! I have to cook my bf like double what i eat cus he is also tall and skinny (Even though he consumes more fatty foods than any human should). Its difficult when u put it back on again, especially when ur sick and there isnt a lot you can do!! Im gunna aim to when i get to my goal weight, not to let myself get anymore than a few pounds over...because i dnt want to do the diet thing again!!!
Hi girls, my hubby is really supportive. Had lots of probs with food in the past and been at every end of the scale from virtually anorexic to bulimic. Had lots of therapy and ww helping me to stay on track. Know it's really hard for him to understand me sometimes and although he tells me he loves me no matter what my weight I'm really insecure. Don't know how he puts up wiv me bless him. He used to play rugby but age took over and he hasn't played for years. As soon as he stopped playing the weight crept on and he 2 has been up and down weight wise. As a result we both try to eat healthy and encourage each other to stay out of kitchen, go gym etc xxxxx
I think weight watchers is great for creating a good relationship with food because it doesn't restrict you, it just teaches you about portions and controlling it!!! Its nice that he is also making the effort to be healthy with you, i think its so much easier when you have a person to support you!! :)
My other half has been brilliant, as with most it seems, he's tall and skinny so gets double my portions!! He never refuses food, will try anything ,and if I'm having a bad day he will risk the question "are you SURE you want that?!" Which helps.

He's always told me my size doesn't matter, he fancies me whatever , but I've lost 2st 6.5lb since march ,and his attitude has almost certainly changed... It's possibly my increased confidence, or he just finds me that bit more attractive but its done wonders for our relationship!!
Why are they always bloody tall and skinny? Its not fair...my bf eats like there is no tomorrow and doesnt gain a bloody pound!!!!! My bf has been quite honest saying he loves me how i am, but wuld probably find me more attractive if i was slimmer...mainly because, like you, i wuld have more confidence in myself!!
Ohh at least ur says 'are u sure u want that?'...mines like 'you cant have that' lmao!! Its good for me really :p I like seeing that soo many have supporting partners..i think it would be hard without that. x
Ur so right. It's lovely that weve got supportive partners but so unfair that they don't put on weight!! They defo have an easier ride than us girls - no periods, no childbirth, no u plucking eyebrows, shaving legs, bleaching tash etc etc! Defo coming back as a man next time xx
Ahaa yeah they do have it easy!! The only thing i wuldnt like about being a guy is having to put up with other guys crap and having to be rough when ur young and sports and all that, ugh!! aha. I wish they got periods though..they wuld understand...i think everytime a guy gets a girl preggers..he shuld get kicked in the balls when she is giving birth..so they will think twice about it ahaha. x
Ugh i want 5 donuts :( i swear to god my bf eats like 5 apple pies in cream, a normal pie with mash, bowls of cereal, 6 packets of crisps in like one day sometimes....its like I HATE YOU SOO MUCH ahahahaha. I wish i culd just pig out and not gain weight! x
I'm trying to fatten my other half up, but he has to hide his chocolate in the car or I might find it. I found chocolate bars shoved in a random drawer in the kitchen the other week that he'd totally forgotten about!!

I asked my boyfriend last night if he thinks he supports me, and how. His answers amused me because they weren't quite inline with mine!!!
Ahaa yeah i make mine hide stuff to or id eat it!! No self control at all aha. Lmao well at least he thinks hes giving u some support in some way!!! :D x
my hubby isnt great ah he is but he does a lot of marathons and trains alot so eats whatever he likes and just cant understand why you have to watch what you eat,,but he does tell me to cop on if i'm obsessing over my weight,,he cant understand why i'm still pointing after getting to goal in April,,men eh!!
Ahaaha the hardest part about losing the weight is the bit after where u have lost it, but u need to maintain it!! Going back to ur old ways is just gunna get u back to where u started!! Men are simple creatures though they dont get this ahahaha. x

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