Out of Ketosis, or not enough water? help x

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Amyeve, 25 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. Amyeve

    Amyeve Mummy of 2!

    I saw CDC yesterday and we agreed that i should try a few ss+ days this week. i must admit i straight away nibbled on some on hubbys chicken breast sandwich stuff:eek:

    i use 6x 500ml water bottles and fill them every night so i can keep an eye on my water intake, anyway,

    before bed last night i went to fill them up and discovered i had only drunk 1litre:rolleyes: think i just lost track.

    my daughter woke me in the night and i felt quite hungry, bit bloated with trapped wind:eek:.

    dont feel hungry this morning, ketostix still went pink but with beige round the edges. i am also ┬Żlb up from yesterday.

    if the chicken slices took me out of ketosis would the gain be bigger? could the gain be down to lack of water yesterday? or could it really of knocked me out of ketosis? could the ketostix also be affected by my lack of water yesterday?

    sorry i hope that made sense. just wanted opinions
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  3. sasperilla

    sasperilla Full Member

    Hey, i very much doubt that the chicken would have knocked you out of ketosis if it was just plain chicken breast. Like you say it's probably the lack of water, i know if i dont drink plenty i'm always a tiny bit heavier the next day, i think i must retain it if i dont drink enough. Also my weight tends to flactuate by about 2lbs during the day so i always try to weigh myself at the same time every morning to get a truer reading.
  4. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    I think it may be the lack of water. My CDC said yesterday if your water intake decreases then your body instantly stores it because it does not know when the next time it may get drink. The chicken should be ok as you are still in ketosis and on ss+ you can eat chicken. Im no expert and im sure a CDC will come along soon.
    Congratulations on your losses and keep going:hug99:
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    It will just be body weight fluctuations. It can happen whatever though the lack of water probably didn't help.

    Drink up :D
  6. Amyeve

    Amyeve Mummy of 2!

    thanks everyone. its actually quite scary when you start eating again! my cdc was explaining how ill need to go up to 1000cal step before i go on holiday and that sounds LOADS but actually really its not much at all. im surprised how well i adapted to such a low cal diet
  7. crazylilblondie

    crazylilblondie Pizza addict

    Yeah if I dont drink enough water the scales go up the next day for me!
  8. tryer

    tryer Silver Member

    keep it amyeve, keep glugging, i have noticed a difference now i have upped my water. (not by much but by the recommended amount.

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