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Out of Ketosis


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Hi All,

I've been doing CD for just under 2 weeks now, and prior to that, I did Lipotrim for 3 weeks. I had a 2 day break in between.

I bought some Ketostix today and tested myself, only to find that I am not in Ketosis, which was quite a shock and made me think, What's the point!".

I'm thinking there could be 3 reasons why this might have happened. and would really appreciate your views, seeing as you're all very knowledgeable.

1. I've given up smoking and have been chewing Nicorette gum, about 5/6 a day, not sure if these are sugar free.

2. On two occasions this week I ate 2 bars, on one day the second bar was in addition to my shakes.

3. I have about 2/3 cups of boullion a day and put 2 teaspoons in each one. I did post about this and as recommended by peeps on this forum, I have tried to use only 1 teaspoon, but would rather not drink it to be honest as it tasts just like hot water.

I've lost 16lbs on Lipotrim, however I've only lost 3.5 lbs in the past 10 days doing the CD, really can't pinpoint what it causing the slow loss.

Would really appreciate any comments you may have as I'm feeling rather dow about the slow loss and being out of ketosis.

Louale x
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Sorry for the long post, only realised how long it was when I had posted it LOL!


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Thanks for that Dancing, maybe that's what I need, a kick up the bum. No more extra bars or extra spoons of boullion, I'm just going to have the packs from now and no boullion as I can't stand it weak.



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S: 13st5lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My weight loss has almost stalled, well it goes along in hiccups. I did LT before and only had a stall at 12st which has happened on EVERY single diet Ive done in the past. Now I'm eating a bar a day (sometimes 1 1/2), sometimes my AAM can be a bit bigger than recommended. The loss just isn't the same as when I was on LT. I am thinking its the bars but can't understand why. Not disappointed in 1 5-6lb loss a fortnight, but a 7-8 that I had on LT would have been better!


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Putting Weight On!

I haven't eaten any bars for the past 3 days, have been drinking the recommended minimum, have reduced the boulillon drinks, but for the past 4 days I've been putting on weight, why would this be?

I know we're not suppose to weigh ourselves, but it's not the TOTM, I'm drinking more than ever, have had no extras, just the 3 packs, reduced the boullion, can't understand what's going on.

Any ideas?

Louale x


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Could be your body is just holding on to the water. Just hang on at this low cal level the weight will come off. Might be worth upping the water and cutting out the bouillon altogether and see what happens. Just keep going, it happened to me on CD too and it does shift in a sudden drop. (Or you're pregnant!:) just kidding)


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Thanks for that.

Just had a baby, so better not be pregnant! LOL

Louale x


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Hi Samsmummy,

Bouillion is a savoury vegetable drink, which is made up from powder that you can purchase from your CDC, you can also purchase a cheaper alternative called 'Marigold' Swiss Bouillion from most supermarkets, but you need to get the low salt one.

Louale x
kool thank you are you allowed a lot of it or are you supposed to count it thro with your daily allowance of drinks

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