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Over Doing it other ways then food. Are they linked?

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I just had a little clear out of some toiletry/beauty products that I have had in tubs for months. With all my new butters and oils I bought yesterday, I wanted to set up a little "pamper station" in my bedroom.

So I pulled out the tubs, and two chests of makeup. Laid it all out, and oh my goodness. WHat a lot of lovely stuff I have bought over the years and never used!!! It was almost as if I have been hoarding these things. Most of them are brand new, never used....and some were new but had to be thrown out as they had gone off!

It is interesting I have all this stuff as I don't use a lot of it. I have makeup, eyeshadow, blusher, bronzers, eye liners, mascara, lipstick, concealer, gold dust, shimmery things....ALL sorts. ANd I don;t wear make up!!! I wear a tiny bit of blush, eyeliner, mascara occasionaly, and tint my brows and thats it!! Days off and weekends, I am au natural. I could have a case in Boots I have so much stuff!! I cannot bring myself to throw it away as so much money was spent on it! But why do I have it!!??

Why do I do that? It's the same with food...or was. I had enough food in here to feed a family of 5 just for the two of us. And much of it just sat there on the shelves, year upon year. Never ate. Just there.

Is this another source of comfort? Having so many things??

Well, I managed to fill a carrier bag with things to dispose of, and a few things to bring to mates at work. I do now have a little tiny chest of drawers full up of some lovley things to use. I even found a bottle of Clarins Firming shower gel that has never been used!! So, I am going to make it a point to start using these products, treating myself and my skin better. But I really do question my motives in amassing all of this. :confused:

Anyone else do this?
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I've got tons - I buy them and perhaps use them for once, twice or 10 times and then leave them --- then will buy more. I had to stop myself buying the new firming stuff at the clarins counter the other day as I knew that I've got at least 3 different ones of their firming creams.
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I am definately the same... my mum even says she thinks I have a problem. Currently looking at my "toiletry shelf" and errrm... its quite packed... I'm guna take a foto and post it!!!!
I think it all stems from being overweight. Clothes that we would love to wear don't fit, so we use a surrogate, in this case, lotions and potions. After all they are "one size fits everyone" and therefore we can buy them. Its the same with handbags, scarves and other accessories. It gives us pleasure, at the time, because it is something we CAN buy! VLCDs are certainly eye openers aren't they lol xxx


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Same with shoes, as they always fit too. I have noticed that fat people often have many pairs of shoes.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
ugh. Don't get me started on shoes. I am embarassed to say how many pairs of boots I own now, and that is about half as many as I owned 10-12 years ago!!

Hmmm. It does all seem somehow related...as Cheryl described. Very interesting.


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My daughter has lost 4 stone and has gone down 2 shoes sizes!


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i'm the opposite, since losing weight i now spend more money on me, and i like it!!!

i dont know, maybe it was lack of cash, or i thought why bother whats the point, i dont know - i think i look after myself all round now and dont feel guilty treating myself, especially on clothes, as i never bought any before, so i feel i am owed them.
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Handbags do it for me --- I'm not too bad on shoes but nice bags are another matter!


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I too am the same, My bedroom is full & I mean full of make up & beauty products,
I used to be a body shop consultant so I still have boxes of products & a huge metal make up case full of make up, now I am a avon rep so have got loads of avon make up & products, I have boxes of stuff in my room, there are boxes under my bed, I have a storage drawers in the corner of my room filled with products, it's beyond a joke, need to sell some stuff on e-bay to make some room..

I am also like that with handbags & shoes, I buy for buying sake and to be honest I use the same few bags every day, so I have 3 boxes in my wardrobe full of bags, most still brand new, same with my shoes & boots..
Keith (MY OH) Says I have a problem, :eek:
I cant go out without buying something new.. lol..

I think this is why LL uses an addiction model to help us with overeating. If you believe in 'addictive personalities' it would make sense that food addicts might also be addicts of something else, particularly when the food is taken away!

I think this is quite controversial myself. I don't suppose it's ever going to be right for everybody, and it doesn't feel right for me. I can't think of any special addictions myself, and although I have no clothes left the thought of having to go out and buy them is a bit of a chore.

This makes me sound like a right old misery. Maybe it's because it's Monday morning, I'm off to work, I've just moved house and the chippy is coming to tear my house apart. But to get back to LL. Even if they do use an addiction model for non-addicts, it does seem to work, and I'm grateful for it! Looking forward to RtM (sort of)!!

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