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Ovulation Saliva Test...anyone?


I've just purchased a Calista ovulation saliva test whereby you can determine your hormone activity levels during the month and work out when you are fertile or not.

Has anyone every used one of these before? If so, how did you find it, did it work?

I'm going to start using it and I'll let you all know how I get on. Really this is me just trying out whilst focusing on losing weight so that by the time we're ready to go for it, we'll know roughly when its the right time.
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I've heard mixed reports of them - some people find them simple and very cheap, but they can be very hard to read especially at first. Have you tried the standard urine ovulation tests?

I'm trying to lose weight to get pregnant too. Had a miscarriage about 18 months ago and I'd like to be healthy before I get pregnant again. Or at least a bit healthy :8855:.
i am also doing lipotrim to hopefully become pregnant,i had a miscarriage 20mths ago ,it took 18mths for me to get pregnant first time round but as soon as i used a ovulation test it worked,i have tried the clearblue monitor but no luck i have irregular cycles,i am going back to the cheap strips i used last time and i have also bought a book about fertility that is really good and as certainly taught me a few things about bodily fluids and how they change throughout the month,i am currentley 16st 12 i was this last time i got pregnant xxx
hi yes it maynie its fantastic isnt,i used the clearblue monitor for 7mths but my fertility never peaked it was high but didnt peak i think this was due to the fact it wasnt asking me to test so late on in my cycle as there between 30-40 days,i now know from reading the book that i have still been ovulating ,i want to lose another stone before i hopefully get pregnant but i will definatley be using this method:)
I haven't ventured down the fertility book road yet, do you recommend this one?

I keep a cycle diary and I am like clockwork and always have been since the age of 11. I can tell roughly when I ovulate but I'd like to be able to pinpoint the days roughly so will try the saliva test.

I have tried the urine tests but my problem is that i drink so much water and to put it politely when i get up in the morning i'm that desperate to use the loo by the time my brain has engaged its all over in a flash........hence the reason for the saliva test.

Have any of your partners done male fertility tests?


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Hi Po - The book is excellent if you want to get an idea of how your cycles work. Re. the urine OPKs, you shouldn't use them in the morning anyway, which gets round the early morning weeing! Not so convenient taking them at work at 3 in the afternoon though :8855: If your cycle is very regular you should only need to use them for a couple of months to work out what's going on.

My partner hasn't had any tests, I sort of figure since I got pg before he probably doesn't need to.

Let us know how you get on with the saliva test, it sounds more pleasant than weeing anyway!
i am also using the ebay cheapies as well as monitoring my cervical fluid,i got pregnant a few years ago with the cheapies hope they do the trick again:)


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I bought some regular OPKs from the chemist - 25 Euro for 5. Just ordered 50 for 12 euro off e-bay! Do the internet cheapie ones work as well? Any particular reccomendations?

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