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Ow Ow Ow!!!


Fed up of being fat
Aw bless Spooks ... hope its not sore for too long ... I burnt my tongue the other day!! lol


Fed up of being fat
Just think of the extra calories you'll burn off with the extra cleaning up?? You didnt put it in a container and shake it did you ... thats what I did and the lid exploded off and myself and the kitchen were covered ... probabaly why i stick to the tetras now, I was put off for life by my own plonker-ness!!
Not poor you! Dont you dare get put off missy, send you a lil kiss for your baddy burn but thats it! Im sooo jealous that you get to see mags today that you arent having any sympathy from me

(ok, uber guilt now, lots of sympathy :D:D Love you! xx)
I never use the shaker, I put mine in a jug and whizz it with a hand blender. I remember exploding baby bottles when the kids were babies so I think I learnt my lesson then. Hope u aren't too scalded
Ouchie, feel better!
ok i also suffer from plonker ness:eek: i put my P & L soup i shaker and yep it went bang all over the kitchen and my face, I had a scald mark on my eye and cheek for the 1st week:eek: the trouble was i felt so sorry for myself i didnt clean it up for an hour and it had set hard so it was twice the job:( learnt my lesson pretty quick though and now use a blender
the worst of it was i text my hubby and said id had a tradegy;) and that id scalded myself with my shake, and he immediately said" you didnt try to do it in your shaker did you"
smart a***:mad:
Sorry hun, made me laugh!!
Aww!! Put some toothpaste on it..always help. I always manage to burn my hands when I am frying something! LOL

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