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OWWW!!! I am such a doink!!

What a way to start my holiday!

I slammed my right thumb in my kitchen door tonight, right in the metal bit where it latches.....you should have heard the string of words that came flying out!!!

It gashed it but good and bled like a seive! ANd it throbs!!! :( Owwwwweeeeee.

I just hope and pray my nail doesn;t go black and come off as that is one of my all time lifelong worst fears. And it hurts like you know what!

All the last minute stuff, and cleaning, and packing, etc., is going to be a nuisance. I am really annoyed with myself!!! Must rememeber to slow down!

What preceded the thumb bashing, was an unexpected visit in my garden by a little yellow ferret. Red eyed thing. lol Got out of my neighbours yard and in to ours....scared my cat! (My new cat - I don't think I have told you about Bud, the stray that has adopted us...? He's so lovely! Must fill you in on the house my OH built for him. And I do mean house!)

Anyway - eventful start indeed!

Now I am going to go sulk about my thumb. :D

(It really does hurt though - and bled an awful lot. Bathroom sink looked like a crime had taken place!! lol ) :( ow.
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OH BL - more haste less speed, or is it the other way round?:confused:

I always get that wrong.

Methinks you are just a tad excited about going home to the US, like a kiddy on Christmas eve.

Sit down darling and take a few deep breaths, even better


Then by tomorrow you will have just one sleep left and a clear head to finish off your packing before you leave on Thursday.

Hope your nail is OK. My hubbys toe nail dropped off when we lived in Oz - he survived as did his toe...and his foot. He has a full set of toes and their respective nails now.

Got any of that codeine left? A couple of those and you will be well past caring!!;)
Thanks TG. I woke this morning, it has bled through the bandages....yuck. And ouch. It still hurts though at least is not throbbing so I won;t have to stick a needle through my nail!!! PHEW!!!!

I am dreading later when I wash my hair and have to get it wet? eeeeeeooooowwwww!!!! :D


I'm going to be slim
I'm cringing here ouch for you


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Oh BL, i have done that, it is awful! Take care of yourself and don't over do it around the house now, as your jetting off tomorrow! Take care of yourself my lovely, am feeling your pain, you poor lady! :(


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I just hope and pray my nail doesn;t go black and come off as that is one of my all time lifelong worst fears. :( ow.

YYYEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW you POOR thing! Thats one of my fears too.........Completely the same as you - its not the pain (even thought I know that must be horrible) its just the thought of it coming off *Hands over ears and eyes and sings LA LA LA LA I cant hear you until the thought goes away.....*

Keep it still and try not to do anything with it - when it stops really hurting a friend of mine suggested gently massaging a bit of hand cream in every couple of hours to help heal the skin underneath etc..... you never know, it might help a bit!

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