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Ox Tongue


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This sounds very interesting, how did you prepare it? Was it nice? I have always been a bit put off by it, although I eat most kind of offal...

Can't tell you about syns I'm afraid, but I'm sure someone else will know!


You buy it off the fresh meat counter in slices as you would cooked ham, chicken, etc.
I can see why people would think that though, it doesn't look the most tempting. It is an aquired taste though. My mum use to give it me when i was younger on my sandwiches so that's probably why i quite like it now.


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I love ox tongue. Mmm haven't had it for months as I'm sure it isn't syn free. Although I don't know how many syns it is! Sorry! X
O.K. 28g on a red day is 1syn
28g on a green day is 3syns
I took these figures from an old syns lists but should think they're about right.

I've actually bought an ox tongue au naturel a couple of times and cooked it myself - quite a lot of bother but nice to eat anyway :)
O gosh! I had to go to the suppliers site as I couldn't remember off hand! It came with all the superfluous bits removed, so was fairly simple:
A353 - Unsalted Ox Tongue

Unsalted Ox Tongue

Old-fashioned cut for slow cooking

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Makes great value and tasty meals - simmer gently for several hours with aromatic vegetables like onions and carrots to tenderise the long muscles and release the flavour.

Old-fashioned cut for slow-cooking
Robust beefy flavour - goes well with sauces
Enjoy hot or cold

After the simmering I put it in a small round pyrex dish (it curled round quite comfortably inside - just fitted!) and topped it up with some of the cooking liquor, then put a small plate on top, weighted down, and cooled it in the fridge overnight. All ready for slicing the next day, and the stock had turned to jelly. If you buy one raw, you can store it in the freezer til you're ready to cook it - this will, however, give any nosey visitors rather a nasty shock.....
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Up to date syns:

Tongue, ox, 28g
Tongue, ox, 28g 3
I used to cook from "raw" all the time before sw. Miss it. Might try again and will just try and trim more fat off.
So much tastier and cheaper than the deli presliced stuff

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