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I know this is an odd topic to post, and please excuse my obsessiveness about keeping 'things' moving in the toilet department. It's the only thing that I need to monitor obsessively on Atkins (except for obsessive daily weighing!) :)

I just wonder what you use to keep things working like clockwork. I've used milled flaxseed - either as a mim or sprinkled. I don't think it does much for me except provides roughage.

I've also used Fybogel - on a fairly regular basis - which gives me some roughage - and I tend to have it with one Dulcolease... I think Fybogel has citric acid in it.

I've used Dulcolax... which is excellent. Only need to have one at the moment.

And have just used Movicol which also seemed ok - it has citric acid.

I'm scared not to use anything, so just wondered if anyone has a good solution?

I drink loads of water and do have my cups of salad/veg on most days.

Sorry about the topic!
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lol i use col claer or col flush as its known now otherwise i have problems. the only thing with taking laxatives or helpers is that your bowel is the lasiest organ in your body so if you start using 'help' every day it will get lasier pmsl x


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Wow, sounds like you've tried everything, a bit of an expert on the topic it would seem!

I haven't tried anything so I am not very useful, but would be good to hear what works best. So far this week I have had a couple of days of 'nothing', followed by a bad tummy. I've always been a bit all or nothing. Will watch this thread with interest. :) I've got psyllium husk capsules at home, but they look a bit scarily big to swallow. Also have the whole cracked golden linseeds which I used to have mixed with yoghurt... did the job :)

SD xx
I used to be a real wimp with herbal tablets - or should I say 'horse' tabs!! But, over the last few months I'm finding them easier to take and I now don't 'gag' when I'm doing it - a real improvement! lol

I know what you mean about lazy guts! lol I just don't think I could leave things for more than a day before launching into action! :) Susie (Lady Felsham) mentioned physilium husk tabs - so that might be my next strategy - along with col flush as a back up... It's annoying how citric acid seems to get into everything!
I know, pretty much every vit had is it in! is it deffo a staller for you?
ah I didn't realise that Vicky... maybe it doesn't stall me... I don't think I've worked out what does yet... although I'm putting down my slow loss weeks to all known culprits. :)


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LOL yep me too :D
I'm so pleased that you've all got your particular remedies! Thanks guys

Will try psyllium husks next! :)

(laughs @ Lisa and Vicky!)
Thanks imso! Jess, is lactose a med?


Clean green leafy machine
oh thanks Susie. Let's see if we can do it on Wednesday? :)


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Hi Di, i would also recommend physillium husks altho dont need them anymore;). I also have a large leftover jar - so maybe we need a minimeet too?!:D
That would be amazing Katie! Would love to meet! :)


Clean green leafy machine
Wednesday is good for me - Katie, want to join us?

We can surreptiously hand over jars of husks LOL!

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