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Packs no longer "satisfying"

Jo B

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So, I am probably only about a month or so from RTM and I am finding that the packs are no longer satisfying. I have read loads on here about people starting to pick just before they go into RTM and think I now understand why. Whilst I am not hungry and don't need anything extra, I am getting to the point where I actually want something - this isn't something I have experienced past about the first week. I guess I am missing eating and experiencing different flavours and textures.
I'm not planning on lapsing at all and will see this through, lapse free, to the bitter end but I am really getting a bit bored of it all now.
It's probably not helped by having had a lot of occasions recently that have revolved around food that I have been to but not eaten and today turned down a really lovely invitation for a do that I know will be huge fun but the whole thing is on a chefs table at a good restaurant in Birmingham with (and I quote) "astounding wines". I know these invites will probably come round again but I want to do it NOW. Does this make any sense?
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Hey Jo

It hasn't got that bad for me yet, but I think I have done a few weeks less than you, but I did notice for the first time the other day just as I was having a pack, the hint of an idea saying oh god some real food would be good now I am bored of liquid! It passed quickly, and like you I plan to continue in 100% abstinence till RTM. Not long to go now. I can understand though why others do snack at this stage.


Hi Jo

I posted about this very same feeling a couple of weeks ago. You had some good advice for me then. See link above.

I have to say that the feeling of wanting 'more' after every pack is still with me, but I have learned to quosh it and not struggled quite so much as I did then. I have started having the occassional savoury drink now to help push time on and the flavour feels like I have had something.

I've also had a lot of social events and have started missing taking full part. I guess it's partly to do with the voices in my head questionning if I really need to lose any more weight as I feel great and have had loads of super comments. I'm wearing mostly size 12 now too, so more evidence of how far I have come and opportunity for my brain to suggest I have reached one of my goals and can stop now.

But I am still not a healthy weight so I AM going to stick with abstinence and complete my journey this first time.

I can competely understand why this is frequently a time when people lapse.

Some have suggested it is a self-sabotage system where people are actually frightened of achieving goal weight and moving away from the comfort of the packs. Or even scared of achieving the dream and no longer having anything to dream about.

Hope it improves soon. xx
oh gosh yes, I'm so so sick of the packs especially as I only like the chocolate ones and the cranberry bars now. 8 months of nothing but 3xchoc and 1xbar is very very dull and I really miss that satisfied feeling after a really good meal :( I think that's why I kept lapsing too, though I'm on top of that now.

Perservere with it, and keep telling yourself that actually, the packs were not supposed to be "satisfying" in the first place. If you enjoyed them, great, but they are simply a nutritional delivery system, not something to be enjoyed - that emotional link between eating+satisfaction is something we're trying to get rid of after all.


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I, like T_I, am having the same problem. I really do think it is because I am feeling so comfortable in myself at the moment. I am a size 14 and am still about another 2 stone away from a healthy BMI so I know I have to keep going.

I don't think I am scared of getting to goal as I am now the smallest I have been in over a decade but I think I am getting a bit bored with LL full stop.

I do keep getting the comments from people like 'Surely yuou don't need to lose anymore, you look great as you are'. Well, I look better than I did 7 months ago but not quite where I want to be.

Maybe try what TI has suggested and try having some savoury broth (our veg bullion) to keep you going. You could also split a couple of your packs up. Sometimes I split the vanilla and have 2 vanilla coffees a day plus 3 packs.

This is the time we really need to look at why we are doing this and what we don't want to go back to. I'm sure all of us want this to be a one time thing so not getting to goal for me is not an option. I don't care how long it takes me I will be on it till the end.

Maybe taking some photos would help so that you can see the changes in yourself. Better still, get them posted on here so we can have a look at the gorgeous new you.

Hope you are feeling better today hun. Stay with it. You're nearly there.

Love Becky x x
Hi there,
1. I agree with Pete. The packs are not supposed to be "satisfying", they are not supposed to taste FAB, They are not supposed to replicate "real food".
They are just a vehicle to give us the nutrients and minerals we need while on abstinence. I think if you try and separate them from food in your mind it helps make them acceptable. They won't be satisfying while you are in ketosis. The imagined hunger is psychological.
The best way to overcome it is to give yourself something practical to do after having a pack to distract your mind.
I used to make sure I went out for a walk every lunch time which gave me exercise too and took me away from colleagues eating their lunch.
It's a really difficult time when you are getting closer to your goal. You look and feel fantastic, different clothes, probably a new hair style, loots of positive strokes and even comments about when are you goihg to stop, maybe even a little jealousy creeping in from others, insecurity from partners as they see your confidence growing.
It would be so easy to give in at this stage, but don't. You owe it to yourselves to carry on. Achieve your goal. Hold your head up high and celebrate. It is SO worth it. Hou need never look back. Think of it as an investment in yourself. If you value yourself others will respond to that.
I have given up "doormat" for ever. You can too.
Sorry, end of sermon!:banana dancer::banana dancer::party0011::party0011::woohoo::woohoo::0icanfly::0icanfly::bunnydance::bunnydance::wee::wee::angel:
It would be so easy to give in at this stage, but don't. You owe it to yourselves to carry on. Achieve your goal. Hold your head up high and celebrate. It is SO worth it. Hou need never look back. Think of it as an investment in yourself. If you value yourself others will respond to that.
I have given up "doormat" for ever. You can too.
Sorry, end of sermon!
Thanks SB. I needed to read that tonight! xx

Jo B

Full Member
Thanks guys - I know you are right, I am now so close I can see it, about another 4 weeks of abstinence for me and then RTM beckons! Can't wait...

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