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Discussion in 'Nutrition, Health & Beauty' started by hanngun, 15 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. hanngun

    hanngun Full Member

    Hi unusual request but I have to get jaw surgery on monday as I have a tooth infection thats in the bone. Paracetamol isnt helping, im in agony. On antibiotics too.

    Im allergic to asprin cocodamol and ibuprofen. What can I take thats stronger than normal paracetamol?
    Thanks for reading!!
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  3. mo53

    mo53 Gold Member

    Hello Hanngun. You poor thing. That sounds so painful. Im sorry I cant think of a suggestion for painkillers but when my partner was in severe pain after a wisdom tooth extraction, he was advised that using something cold against his face would help. He had been using a heated wheat bag but with infection that is no good. He used a freezer block and it did ease the pain for a while. Im sorry I cant be of more help. Hope it eases soon.
  4. hanngun

    hanngun Full Member

    Thank you for the advice I'll give it a shot :) thanks x
  5. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I can only take paracetamol a previous ulcer means I can't have asprin etc, it would be fab if you found something else to take!!!

    Sorry no help at all, oh just a thought, could you rub some ibuprofen gel on your skin directly where the pain is? I can use this & it works.
  6. Lotty Big Botty

    Lotty Big Botty Full Member

  7. I was going to suggest tramadol but it's prescription only. It's a shame you're allergic to codeine because it's a very effective painkiller :(

    You'd be better of having a quick chat with your GP or pharmacist and seeing what they'd recommend xx
  8. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Gah, was going to suggest soluable co-codamols but you can't have them :( Hope you're feeling better now!

    Clove oil would numb it - make sure you only put a little bit on a cotton wool ball first, don't pour it in cos it's nasty tasting (!)

    Swilling with whiskey around the affected area would help too. Ditto cleaning your teeth as often as you can stand, I always find the toothpaste helps ease it.

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