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palpitations and flutters on Atkins?

Tanya c

Full Member
Hi all, am a bit concerned. have been getting palpitations and flutters the past few days. I've just finished a week on Atkins, losing 6 pounds and 5 inches all over. I am pleased with my results but the other symptoms are worrying:(

Has anyone experienced this? I've read that splenda can cause this and anxiety. I've been taking it with cream in my coffee.

I have been stressed out recently due to personal probs so I don't know whether it's this...
Please any advice ???
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Sounds like stress! I get those and have had episodes for years. Well done for the weightloss, not sure I've managed quite the same so I'm ditching the sausages and bacon for a more healthy seafood and chicken regime.

I always find that a bit of focusing on thinking positive helps. I try putting myself in a 'zone' and then manefesting all the good things in life... It is very relaxing and quite pleasureable x

Tanya c

Full Member
Thanks Penny! i was a bit worried! I've been doing it with my partner and he loves sausage and bacon so have been having some with two sausages every morning! I guess the sausages are low carb but I did wonder whether I could have lost more not eating them. What week are u on? x
This is week two. Last week I lost only 1lb. Problem is that prior to this diet I was doing Cambridge so already lost quite a bit on that... 1.5st. My W.I. is Monday.

My sausages were low carb too but I just feel so unhealthy eating sausages, eggs, pork scratchins, and red meat as much as I am now. Trouble is that if I like something then I tend to eat that item all the time, to death I think lol x

Tanya c

Full Member
yeah I know what u mean! I was on the cambridge a few months ago but had to give it up because it was getting to hard! lost about a stone. After a large break of bingeing, I've started Atkins.
Hey Tanya, i've been having heart flutters too!!! It feels like every so often it loses the rytham or something and then kicks back in and you feel it beat really strong. Worried me a little too but had a chat with my mum, she went to the docs a few yrs ago worried about the same thing and he told her so long as it's happening when you're at rest then you're fine and normal.. It's when it happens after/during exercise that the problems start. But have to agree, it did worry me for a while! Seems to have calmed down a bit but still get it.
I get that too, a big beat, very worrying!
Blimey...me too! I have noticed that my heart palpitations are more noticable over the past 2 weeks since i started Atkins. I usually get them of an evening...I was starting to worry too.

Tanya c

Full Member
oh! what we gonna do! lol!!! I don't really want to stop the diet cos I'm losing weight but I
( contd) have researched that splenda causes various symptoms inc anxiety and maybe heart flutters...
I'm just going to carry on doing as i am really. It feels like a nervous sort of 'flutter' and although i don't like the feel of it and i know it's probably not quite right i know it's not bad for me. I feel fine when exercising and i think that'd be the time to tell if there was anything wrong so i'm just going to carry on.. It feels a little better now i think though i have been having far less coffee than i used to and so therefore, far less sweetners! Maybe you've hit on something there?!

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I get these sometimes but I also used to get them before I went back on the Atkins. Usually it is like one big THUD followed by lots of little fast beats.

I did ask my GP about it once but (helpfully) can't remember what he said, I wouldn't be surprised if he just rolled his eyes as I am always running to him with the slightest problem. :rolleyes: But I'll try to remember to ask him again next time.
I was in the hairdressers today reading woman magazine, when i came across an article about skinny celebs. Cheryl Cole is a low carber in order to stay so slim and according to the doctor in this article a very low carb diet can result in a fatal heart rhythm due to lack of minerals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't researched this but thought i would let you all know what it said.
Same here, i take Multibionta a probiotic multivitamin to ensure i get all the minerals too, but i have been getting palpitations along with others on here and it was starting to worry me...now i read this magazine and it hasn't helped the worrying.
I will have to investigate further, but i find on the web conflicting advise, so i never know what to believe.
This is what worries me, not having the right amount of vits and minerals. I'm taking a multi vitamin with stuff for the eyes and extra minerals. Remember though that most of us are having the veg too. There are some people in this world who eat very small amounts of veg and who binge on high fat, ready foods, like crisps and chocolate. The only thing missing is the carb here, so it can't be that bad?!
I completely agree Penny! My brothers diet is apalling and he still survives to tell the tale. When i was on CD i had random bad bruising all over my body, all different colours! Also had random periods of weakness etc. Other people had hair loss. So the way i see it is that i'll be reet and so long as when i'm hammering it at the gym i'm feeling normal then i'm ok. I'm sure i'd soon know if me ticker were up the swanny when i'm a fat sweaty red beetroot on the treadmill.

I think if individuals have other health concerns which could make the side effects worse or more serious then a trip to the doc should sort things out. At least it'd sort the worrying out if nothing else x
I agree the Atkins does include healthy food groups with salad and veg and it seems perfectly healthy when you read the allowed food list, but i'm no doctor and when you read articles claiming cutting out a certain food group such as carbs can cause heart problems, depression and i can't recall if it was liver or kidney damage but it said one of them in this article..........it makes you think..what if? Atkins is working for me so far and i am happy with my weight loss but i'd hate to think my choice of foods may cause problems like hair loss and bruising all over, it sounds frightening, never mind the more serious things. Maybe its as you say Claire that some have underlying problems heightened by the diet.

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