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Is off to get pampered this morning and monday and can't wait!!! Woohoo!! :character00100::character00100::character00100:

I am having a deluxe Pedicure this morning and Facial and Massage on monday! I was gonna wait until I lost a bit more wait but have been slightly down this week and thought I would use them now to cheer me up!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Well feels fab after my pedicure yesterday, now looking forward to tomorrow for my facial and massage :)
Always nice to look down and see nice soft pampered feet! You deserve a treat, well done
Thanks Fairy-mary, especially in this weather ;)

Had a fab morning had my facial and massage, so relaxed now and got weighed and lost 10lb and 5 and 3\4 inches
WOOHOO!!!!!!! :D
WOW!!! Well done you! well worth all the effort! Now your in it to win it!!!
I certainly am hun, had a bit of a crap two wks even though I was losing the inches the weight wasnt going off has quick! But everyone else at the start has between 7lb & 10lb for there first loss and I got 5lb and then 2lb on my 2nd weigh in.

So far on cambridge diet I have lost 17lb and 13 & 1\2 Inches in 3 weeks.

Have you just started??
yeah! started thurs so im day 5!
am managing ok! still urge to pick, i must have just grazed all day long! but i really want this to work so im trying my best! :p
p.s well done on the inches!
christmas is looking skinny!
It is indeed, can't wait, keep going, it gets better. :D You just need to stay focused and have in your head what you want, have it in your head!!
I don't even want food anymore, I cook for hubby and kids and sit there while they eat it, sit there while friends and hubby eat takeaway and even made sunday dinner and watched everyone else eat it - It honestly doesnt bother me one bit!!
Thats great! iv been testing my strength and made bacon sandwiches before kids football/gymnastics and i was fine! plus stopped at garage to get a bottle of water and baught my husband a star bar (my fav choc) hoping and praying the peanut CD bar is simmilar!!!
I just think that if your round it all the time and used to saying no then it will be easier than sneaking and not seeing food (just in case) then coming across it, you wont have the willpower to say no and plus it will feel naughty and make you wanna have it.
The bars are ok, I have had the toffee and choc mint crisp. Got the peanut one to try at wkend!! lol :)

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