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How many calories are there in an average pancake?
Awww, I was hoping someone on here would have a "healthier" or lower cal recipe than the usual, but it doesn't look like it - will be having mine for dinner later eitherway :D

Hoz - I have no idea how many calories there are in one either - or actually generally with stuff like this. This is possibly a dosy question - but does it work accurately if you just total up the calories in the ingredients? (this applies to home baking or anything similar too) Does mixing them change anything? I know with things like tomato pasta sauce I just total up the individual bits i chuck in - but this type of thing seems like its different some how?
I think i'm gonna treat myself to pancakes tonight - normal recipe. But gonna have splenda and lemon or orange juice - rather than the chocolate sauce and ice cream i would normally have. We deserve a treat once in a while. Now need to decided what to give up for lent! Not religious but thought it might help the diet.
I had a quick look on another site and found its 131 cals for two pancakes. I am gonna be well over calories today as cannot resist them once i have made them. only have sugar and lemon so not too bad.

Hope this helps.
Nikki xx
The ones my bf had were 90cals each. He ate 7 of them the lucky sod!



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I can't add up the ingredients in the ones I make as I've no idea how much of everything I put in, I've always guess-timated the amounts.
My OH ended up treating us to a take away last night anyway, probably the healthier option because I have always had such a huge weakness for pancakes.. I can say "no" to any other food, but not those lol.

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