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Panic Attacks

Hi all, this is hard to say without sounding a little crazy, but i have a bit of an issue. less then a month ago or maybe a bit longer i started to have pretty severe panic attacks. nothing has changed in my life and im a pretty happy person. Does anyone know if this is a side effect of xenical because i really need to sort this out?:cry:
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Violet is shrinking
this doesnt sounds like xenical to me.

how do you feel when this is happening? how long does it last? what does your heart feel like?

over the last 6 months or so,ive not had panic attacks, but all of a sudden my heart would suddenly start racing.

i think its important that you get this checked at your doctor,get your blood pressure checked too.

this could be down to anxiety,but unconsciously
I feel my heart racing all of a sudden, and feel like i could faint if i focus too much, cant breathe, and start panicing that im going to have a heart attack of go insane or something. very bizzare. i have never had anything like this before, i may go to the doctor on wednesday about it


Violet is shrinking
that sounds very similar to what i was having, but it was nothing to do with the xenical in my case as i wasnt on it at that time.

i wasnt worrying at the time, i was usually relaxed watching the tv and my heart would pound, race and feel awkward and irregular, i was do deep breathing while this went on to calm my heart and myself...

it wasnt never a panic attack,but it worried when it happend.

if what you were having was a panic attack,something would happen to trigger it.

mention it to your doctor when you go.


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it is scary and to be honest,when it happens i do feel like grabbing my phone, just in case.

it hasnt happened for a few weeks now, but i was getting them so often that i had to calm myself down other wise i would just make myself worse...im not sure why it was happening,but being over weight doesnt help.

take care!
Yeah it quite a common thing celtgirl, it is a very scary situation. Try relaxation techniques before you sleep, it works for me. It might put your mind at rest just to mention it to the doctor :) Take care love xxx
Thanks guys really appreciate it! have an appointment at 3 today, hope he doesnt take meoff the tablets as anxiety is a side effect!
Hiya hun

Sorry to hear you're going through this, I have personal experience of anxiety and panic attacks so can sympathise. I don't think it's the xenical but as you say nothing else has changed so it is a possibility. Good luck at the doctors today.

If you want to chat feel free to send me a pm:) xxx
Thanks ep! he said he doubts it but ive to come off them for 2 weeks grrr. still gonna stick to the 5g rule so im just hoping it doesnt knock me off!!! yeah there not pleasent are they?! :)
hi ive been on oristat a while now and i do sometimes feel down and have panic attacks i was told that oristat takes away a lot of vitamins in your body so thats why this happens you should take extra vitamin b in your diet debbie
I take a multivitamin everyday so im not sure its that. i havent had anymore anyway, but cant WAIT to go back on the xenical!! thanks alot for the reply :D

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