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panic buying


weighs a lot less
every friday i get weighed ,do my shopping and put petrol in the car,not today though ,2 of the small garages near me have already ran out ,texaco is only allowing emergency vehicles and the queue at asdas and sainsburys garages were terrible ,why dont people listen to the news ,ok moan done xx
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thats the trouble isnt it..they say dont panic buy and then people do! what a pain
why are people panic buying?
its really silly telling people not to panic buy, cause they always go out and do exactly that!

luckily at the moment al is ok here x
Hi hun I shop on line so dont have many probs, and like most of you I hust get what I need for the week, even thoughI am on LP I still cook and bake for them, tomorrow will be a test going to my grandsons birthday party I will be strongggggggggggggggg lol tc all catch you later xxxxx

rainbow brite

why are people panic buying?
There is something going on to do with petrol. Last I heard it is only really going to affect the Shell garages but as has already been said, if you tell people not to panic they go out and do just that. Personally I haven't bought petrol in two weeks and have no intention to buy any for another two weeks ;)


Says it as it is!!!
I got mine on wednesday...and have to say i filled the car...but, because it keeps going up (every time i drive passed the PS it has gone up ...how bad!!!!) not because we might not have deliverires for 4 days!
I filled my car up Monday coz I was doing my shopping and I only had about a quarter of a tank. It should keep me going for a fortnight so hopefully things will be back to normal by then!!!!

this media run world as gone mad!

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