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Panic has set in...


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been thinking about this for days so i need to explain this and get it off my chest...

ok, my size 18 jeans are too big... tried on size 16's, they fit but tummy hangs over a little - now i am scared this is excess skin hanging over...

this is how my tummy looks... i've got wide hips but sometimes fat builds up above my bellybutton (that seems the most stubborn at the moment...

i have an apron developing at bottom of tummy and very very VERY scared this is excess skin...

all my stretch marks have gone silvery white and can hardly really see them now cos they were red before...

anyway apart from the apron, this bit above my tummy seems to be pushing downwards which makes my tummy button look like a slit rather than round???

is this excess skin pulling down or still fat????

does bio-oil help at all? i know people recommend it but has anyone actually seen a difference???

will tummy crunches help???

i don't want wrinkly excess skin, i'm only 23 and want to look sexy when i reach target not like i have sat in a bath of water for half my life.... HELP!!!
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My belly button has gona like a slit now, it's cause it's not stretched outwards :p

I would think crunches would help, since they're more strength/toning than anything.

Can't really be much more help than that :eek:


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Hi, i dont know much but my partner had excess skin and got a tummy lift on the nhs because he lost over 10 stone, try tummy crunches etc but if it doesnt work you can always apply to have a tummy tuck ?? i wouldnt worry keep positive get the weight off theres always away around these things :D well done on the 37 pound loss xxx


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Dont panic yet hun. I have similar but as yet i cant tell what is going to be loose skin and what is still fat. Personally speaking i have accpeted that i will have loose skin in the tummy area due my mummy tummy and i will most likely always have an "apron" or a "shelf" due to my c-section scar. And i'm heck of a lot older than you so not quite as elastic as i used to be :eek:

Why dont you go ahead with the Bio-oil & the crunches because lets face it they wont do any harm and at least you'll know you've done what you can to minimise the loose skin scenario x


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I've been pleasantly surprised how my body shape is reducing. I've done every diet over the last goodness how many years but this is the one that i feel is giving me back a better figure especially my bum.


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is it true though when they say the skin can just take a bit longer to reduce back??? so it might still go back???


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i have read somewhere that it can take 2 years for your skin to catch up with your bodys weight loss depending on how much you have lost

again i wouldnt worry too much. try the moisturising thing and then WHEN you get to goal if there is a problem, as people say it can be remedied with the ultimate option of tummytuck
I would not panic yet, you have done so well. Make sure you use plenty of moisturiser, keeping the skin hydrated is said to be very good.

Pilates is good for toning, good luck!


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i can't afford surgery and i really can't see a doctor taking me seriously with regards to a tummy-tuck...


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My CDC says that for every stone you lose it takes two months for your skin to catch up and start snapping back. To be honest your tummy sounds like the doppleganger of mine so you're not alone on this problem (I'm starting to panic a bit to).


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i can't afford surgery and i really can't see a doctor taking me seriously with regards to a tummy-tuck...
A friend of mine had a tummy tuck on the NHS and your doctor will take you seriously (I've never known a doctor to have a sence of humour nevermind laugh) so don't worry about asking them. If you don't ask you don't get, I asked for a chest reduction 7 years ago from mine and within the year I had it done!
I'm very worried about this too hun :( im 24 and like you want to feel sexy in my new body not like an old lady! if i had babies i could justify a saggy tummy but its just letting myself get to the size of a small whale lol im using palmers cocoa butter and putting LOADS on at night before i go to sleep in the hope it might limit the damage but i can see it going crinkly and im just praying it wont be too bad when i get to target. also worried about my bingo wings and boobs too :cry:


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I too have this problem. My son was breech and most of my bump was 'high up' as in, over my belly button, so after he was born I was left with this bit all loose and wobbly (well, the lower bit was loose and wobbly to, and then there's the c section line....)
Anyways, mine has already reduced by 3 inches in 3 weeks, so I am hoping that it gradually goes down. At the mo my side on profile goes:
Out at boobs
In at under boobs
Out above belly button
In for 'natural waistline'
Out for under belly button.

It's most odd, but I'm sure it'll catch up. I asked my CDC about some gentle exercises to help with the excess wobbliness and she suggested that I wait one more week before doing anything. I struggle with sit ups because of a knackered back, but can do some crunch type things with my gym ball.


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. I struggle with sit ups because of a knackered back, but can do some crunch type things with my gym ball.
I remember an old aerobic instructor of mine (yes I used to be super fit once upon a time!:eek:) telling me that if you can't do crunches for one reason or another (I had really bad totm pain at the time) then to do them back to front. Basically lie on your back, put your arms on the floor by your sides for support and bring your knees up to your chest so you're curled up in a foetus like position and then after holding it for a couple of seconds put them back down. Keep repeating it and apparently it has the same affect as doing crunches and works exactly the same muscles.
(hope that all made sence by the way!:p)


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Thanks Kelly! That was kind of what I had in my mind, but you explained it very well ;)


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Just thought I'd add, that my son find's it hilarious that my belly button 'hides' between my 2 bellys. When we bath he likes to part the 2 sides and say boo to the poor belly button

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