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Omg omg omg omg..

Today its hit me.
in two weeks time iv gotta stand up in front of a bunch of people i don't know.. surrounded by other gorgeous, slimmer and more deserveing people and tell them how i used to be fat and why :cry: I dont know if i can do this..

I feel so proud of myself deep down, but what if they don't think the same? 4 stone is nothing compared to other people.. Iv been reading about young slimmer of the year online, and the last 18 year old has lost 14 stone.

.. Omg, and what do i wear. what if i make the wrong choice and wear somthing un-flattering?

.. and what if i dont shift the 2 lbs i gained last week in time? Iv been so good this week but im struggling to avoid the home scales. Iv taken them out and put them back in the box 3 times today. I'm almost shocked at myself, i never weigh out of class.. and i cant believe im concidereing it. I only have to weight till tomorrow for WI..

Omg omg, someone needs to slap me..

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p.s, please don't judge me as iv just replied to others who are a bit despondant, im guilty of handing out good advise and not taking my own..... :( lol


Bring it on!
Fern don't worry. it's a big thing and i think nerves are perfectly normal. You looked stunning in the picture you posted in the dress for the wedding. I think the "fat" you is trying to pop out and sabotage the new you. You look lovely, you've worked really hard and you've lost a load of weight. Stand up and be proud, don't be shy if they didn't think you were worthy you wouldn't be going. Just think of it like a special class where you are all young and have all reached (or nearly reached) target. Everyone will be nervous and your consultant will be with you. I think you have a very wise head on young shoulders.

GO FOR IT FERN :dooney:

ps i feel like your Mum!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Fern you will be perfectly OK! EVERYONE will be nervous. No one will be expecting you to be an expert speaker. Any trip ups you may make will have people rooting for you, we all love a trier, and so will they! Just pick an outfit that you will feel comfortable wearing. Go shopping and take either your best friend or mum and don't buy the first thing you see! When you put the right outfit on you'll know!Imagine first date with a fab guy. Just remember all the judges started off in nappies! Imagine they are still in them and they will seem less scary! Good luck Hun, you won't need it, and NONE of them will be better than you! xxxxxx


I will succeed!!!
Honey - YOU DESERVE THIS!!! Look how well you've done!!! You might not realise it, but you're one of my biggest inspirations sweetie!!!

It will be nerve wracking but you CAN do it. Be yourself, wear what's comfy for you and just tell them your journey.

We're all rooting for you xxxx
Oh bless you hun, you are bound to be nervous and wanting everything to be perfect who wouldn't. And you know what? It will be. You will look gorgeous, feel goreous and be gorgeous along with being an absolute insperation to everyone.

It doesn't matter whether people have lost a 1lb or 100stones as to who wins, its the journey there that matters, and how its changed your life for the better.

You deserve all this so enjoy it and don't get stressed out lol. xxx

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