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Paranoid now

I cant remember which post i was reading but it said slimming world was a crafty calorie counting diet, and since i have read this i reading the kcal content of everything and im too scared to eat anything incase im going over my kcals.....im on green today now and i cant stop thinking about it.
So is it a sneeky kcal diet or not?

Just wondering
Ruthy xxx
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I have heard that too. I don't know the science behind it but i know that i have eaten
LOADS and have lost 18lb in 6 weeks. In the first week i was really worried that i had over-eaten, i picked at food all day.

For me that whole idea that i can eat what i like and loose weight is fantastic. I don't need to count calories, stop eating proper foods or use slimming shakes and soups. The people that have designed this and looked into all the details of it should receive medals, i don't know why i didn't try it sooner!!!


escaping the fat
You may have tried obsessive calorie or point counting, calculating portion sizes, eating nothing but cabbage soup or living on grapefruit and eggs. Didn’t work, did it? We guarantee you need never put yourself through any of that again. They don’t work because by and large they create hunger, boredom and an unhealthy focus on food. They create a mind trap that leads to the eventual failure of yet another ‘diet’ and the inevitable loss of self-esteem and self-confidence in your ability to succeed, when you are not to blame at all! You didn’t fail on the diet – the diet failed you!
At Slimming World, DIET (Dare I Eat That?) is considered a 'four letter word'! With Food Optimising no food or drink is forbidden so the variety is endless and there’s plenty to eat!
Even though Food Optimising naturally lowers your calorie intake, you will never need to count, calculate or compute a single calorie value. Uniquely, Food Optimising takes into consideration not just the calorific value of the food but how well it satisfies our appetite too.
Satiation is the term used to describe the satisfying qualities of a food. Foods that are highly satiating make you feel fuller quicker, at the time of eating.
Satiety describes the lasting effects of satiation, in other words, foods with a high satiety are those foods that stave off hunger for the longest.
In 1996, research sponsored by Slimming World at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, found that there was a hierarchy within the macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Proteins and (complex) carbohydrates were found to have much greater satiation and satiety than fats. Foods rich in these nutrients satisfy hunger and suppress appetite in the most effective way.
Forget putting your life and your health at risk with invasive surgery like stomach stapling; forget drugs that interfere with your body and your minds natural, healthy functions. This completely natural and completely effective way to suppress appetite works – 100%!
Food Optimising is a highly successful weight loss technique which will show you how to develop your own personalised, healthy, delicious, filling, weight loss and weight maintenance strategy for life. Just because Food Optimising has been made deceptively easy and user-friendly, don't be fooled into thinking that the scientific concepts behind this amazing way of eating are themselves simple.
The energy density of a food can be summed up as the amount of calories given off by a specific weight of food. Proteins and complex carbohydrates give off less than half the calories supplied by fats. This, combined with their great satiating properties, produce a synergistic effect that makes make proteins and complex carbohydrates amazing beneficial to a slimmer.


escaping the fat
Thats off the SW site, I think its basically saying that by filling up on either protein or carbs rather than other food groups you will automatically reduce your cal intake.
I say sod the science or worrying about how, just accept that it does work.
I did it a while ago. Basically the super speed foods fill you up but have next to no calories and all the free foods are low in calories so it really is hard to eat so much of them you will go over your calorie allowance. The free foods are also very unlikely to make you binge. When was the last time you heard of someone bingeing on broccoli?
Lol happe, um that gave me something to read and i suppose it does make alot of sense, infact a hell of alot of sense
However i am a big sceptic when studies are sponsored by the people who they are studying, this was drummed into me when i was in Uni lol, But it does sound very logical.
Thanks very much xxx
Lol @brocolli binge eating! haha! i like it!
Maybe mrs beckham does it...damn her! WE CAUGHT HER OUT THE BROCOLI BINGER
Ill drink some wine now....ill let you know how i get on lol ;)
Ahem, of course, all in the name of science.

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