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Cruise PV parsnips??


they are ok as long as not eaten with every meal, same as the carrot scenario.

although they are yack....
It doesn't list parsnip as a yes in the book, but doesn't explicitely ban them either. I thought they would be a no as they're high GI. I personally avoid them (and turnip) like the plague as they would be instant weight gain for me.
any updates on the parsnip situ? My mums on slimming world and making a MASSIVE roast tomorrow. I don't wana miss out, but need to see what I'm allowed!
I wouldnt have any parnips, apart from the fact that they are yuck they contain far to much sugar. Much more then carrots and threy re only allowed in moderation or raw if you can.
Sure they're allowed.
I've not heard that parsnips are not allowed. They're no sweeter than butternut squash. I personally always have both, roasted, for Sunday dinner since I can't have the potatoes and it's not done me any harm. Go ahead, I say!
Eeeeeek!!! I'm too excited!!! Just informed mother- its going to be such a treat!
I'll just stick to the one. Or three. Lol.
Dry roasted snips, no pots. My new Dukan "roast"
Had 3, THREE!!!!!! Parsnips with my roast. MY GOD WERE THEY GOOD!!!
If the scale goes up tomorrow I will be annoyed but I'm almost close to saying they were worth it.
Went for an extra long walk anyhoo.
Seems mental to feel so excited/ guilty about a vegetable!!! Ha :-D
there are 100 foods on the list if it is not on the list you are not supposed to eat it!!!


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These foods are updated- parsnips is a yes!


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Not a total fan of parsnip but someone must have read my mind as I had them the other day and wasn't sure if I should have left them on the plate - they were a nice change but not something I will be adding to the regular shopping list!!!

Any idea where we can see the updated list please? Trying the Fanta sweet and sour chicken recipe tomorrow and hankering after some beansprouts with it!! Hopefully they're on the updated list ....

P x


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I just google the items individually with "dukan" and see what others write so its mainly from this site or people copying individual transcripts from their coaching. I've had beansprouts loads and I'm sure I found somewhere they're ok! X
I've had beansprouts loads too especially with my sweet & sour lol

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