parting from the old me...


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As I live alone, thank god, I don't have to cook for people (even though it is torture smelling my housemates food). Today, I decided to empty my cupboards and give all that food to my friend...

I have been procrastinating this since I started LL - it was like saying goodbye to the old me. Of course, I am glad that the old me, is vanishing...but is so was like parting with something precious (yet potent).

Hope this does not sound as freaky..he he
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doesnt sound freaky at all!!

i think what u r going thru is very normal and many people here would identify with it. it can seem scarey and unsettling changing urself and life for good. no matter how much we hate being the way we r...theres a level of familiarity and comfort in it. u are heading for unchartered waters and are bound to feel the ripples.

the upside is that theres as much excitement and self pride as there is uncertainty and fear so it may all feel weird for a while but u will get there. im sure lots of people will respond saying they feel/felt exactly the same.

well done on creating a new u! some people dont face up to the challenge but u r doing really fab work.



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I did exactly the same thing, only I gave away everything in my cupboards/fridge/freezer etc before I started CD to my mother, even down to the salt. I had absolutely nothing left in my flat to eat, and that has helped me immensely as there have been a couple of times where I could have killed for something to eat at 12pm and luckily there wasnt anything there to spoil my diet with :)


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Me too I did it as well.

I emptied the cupboards of all the food my husband and daughter wouldn't eat and gave them to my sister.

Its a positive step I think as its showing you are committed to the diet.

Well done :)