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Party coming up. Can I take a day off?




I am new to this forum and the CD today. Doing okay so far and getting a huge amount of motivation from the posts on here.

I just need a bit of advice please. I am having a party two weeks today and as I am playing hostess not attending is unfortunately not an option :) so my question is this: can I take a day off the diet for the party to have a few drinks and a bit of party food or am I best coming off the diet now and starting again after the party? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks xxxxxxx
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Not sure about the starting and stopping bit - not sure if your head and heart will actually let you do it, I do know that drinking alcohol whilst on a VLCD is rather dangerous and there is a thread at the top explaining the ramifications.....

I'm sure the experts will be along to advise further, good luck xxxxx


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Stick to the diet. Have plenty of sparkling water on tap (no lemon), a shake before hand and then go greet and meet. There will be plenty of time in the future for drinks etc! Once your head is in the zone it's quite difficult to get back in it as others have stated! Or put the party on hold for a couple of months?
I've got the same problem but it's tomorrow!!!!!! Think once it happens you forget about eating and drinking as you are trying to keep people entertained and happy. Well thats what i'm hoping anyway xxx


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Hi Amber

Being totally open and honest with you... NO!

Stick to your plan and be with your guests but there is no way that I would advocate taking time off the plan. The reason being because I have seen way too many people in your exact dilemma - myself included - who all thought that one day/evening won't hurt and it turns into literally weeks and months of despair of not being able to get that "feeling" of when you first started back and then going through the frustration (and weight gain) of not really getting back into it.

The best advice I can give you if it is really important to eat and drink at the party is to start after the party but a break so early in the game is not the best way forward!

I'm sure there will be people who will disagree with me and it is ultimately your choice - just make an informed choice knowing all the facts from all sides.

Good luck with your weight loss and good on yer' for asking the question before you start! :)
Stick to the diet, sorry to be harsh but you knew what this diet was about before you started so stick with the fizzy water, shakes and then when you have a party in the future you'll be all slim in a fantastic party frock xx Drinking is highly dangerous in Ketosis, please be careful if you decide to give in xx


Thanks for your answers, they really helped me reach my decision. I guess what I wanted to hear was "one day off is fine go for it" but in my heart I knew that wouldn't be the case! Guess I'll just have a night watching everybody else get drunk.......sometimes they're the best ones!

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