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Party - It's not going as planned


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I am planning a party. A 'Look what I did' party to show off to all my friends and family what all the pain and tears have been about!

Here's the thing, I'm still 3 stone off my target! I have provisionally set the date as 4th October this year which is 21 weeks away but I don't want to make it definate until I have lost anothe 1.5 stone.

Historically, when I impose deadlines on myself I go the other direction so I'm a little unsure of the wisdom of setting a date so early.

So I am starting this thread to look for support. If I make the 4th October it will be the first goal I have ever hit. I will be happy to have the party after shifting just 2 stone, which doesn't sound a lot but when you consider it has taken me almost for years to lose nearly 4 stone it is mountainous!

I will post my progress here and hope to get loads of support.

Can I do this???

Todays weight 14 stone
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I'm sure you can do it. I have a similar target, 3.5 stone off by end of the september. I'll look forward to hearing about your progress.

Roz x


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Can I do this???

You can totally do this - eyes on the prize lady!

Do you have a picture of the slinky size 12 to post so we can see? Or are you going to save that for nearer the time?


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I have the dress but I've had it for a couple of years! Not entirely sure where it is right now but when I find it I will put a picture on here.

You know why you want to do it.
You know when you're going to do it by.
You know how you're going to do it.
And you have all the right tools to make it happen.

There is NOTHING stopping you.

Woohoo !


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You guys are ace! It will be really embarrassing if I don't do it now! I will have to work extra hard and keep coming back here to remind myself of why I am doing it
TAZ you will do it i just know you will !

You seem very focused so there should be no reason why you will not look the bomb when you throw this party.....id use it as a excuse to buy a new dress lol!

Keep up the good work, stick at it and i bet you will knock em dead




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Well I have been a little naughty today, gave in to the temptations of KFC and Cadbury's cake bars!

This is NOT the way to squeeze my butt into a size 12 dress!


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OMG!!! As if I wasn't under enough pressure for the party!!!

I have always enjoyed singing and used to sing loads when I was a child but as I got older I have got really bad at it - I mean terrible! My mum is a singer and she really wants to believe that I can still sing but I really can't and even if I could, I don't have the confidence.

Anyway, I contacted a vocal coach and I have booked myself in for singing lessons!:eek: What am I doing? Have I lost my grip on reality???:argh:


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We had a training day in a hotel today and it was a 3 course lunch! I think I made the right choices though, I had pasta, noodles and salad followed by ricotta, potatoes and veg with fruit salad after. Not brilliant but the best of what was on offer.
I'm really not confident for WI tomorrow


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Ordered a really nice dress today in a size 12 and all day I've been trying dresses on in size 16 :eek:
I've got some serious work to do in the next 5 months!:needhug:


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:hug99: Come on Taz you really can do this if you break it down there is 25 weeks till the party. If you lose 1Lb a week till then you will have lost just short of 2 stone. Some weeks you may not lose but dont kick your self about it because others you will lose more than 1Lb. If you really need a boost why not try the fast forward plan that I am doing this week. You are only allowed to do it for 1 week but its meant to give your loss a big boost. Take a look at my new fast forward diary and see what you think. Good luck hun we all here for you :flowers:


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What is Fast forward? I've never heard of this but it's probably what I need. So far the weight has been going on not coming off!


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Right, well I have been doing really bad lately but I have decided to set the date in stone. I am going to phone the venue today and book it for 4th October and then I HAVE to lose the weight. I want to lose at least another stone and a half for it and I have 5 months. I know it sounds like an easy taarget but believe me, for me it's not! If there are any Mini's in the Bristol area that would like to support me on the night please let me know!


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The date has changed to the 18th as I couldn't get the place I wanted for the 4th. I just worked out I need to lose 1lb a week to be wher I want to be for this date! Wish me luck guys
taz i have already had too very good insight into your sparkling wit, and vivid imagination! you obviously had a very strong mind, and strong minded people can do anything they want!!! well bloody done and keep going chick!! xx

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