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Party nibbles/drinks ideas?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by RosiePops, 2 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi everyone
    Im meeting the girls on Saturday night for a catch up. This usually involves copious amounts of prosecco and crisps/dip!
    The OH is taking me out for lunch on Saturday too, to celebrate me being awarded my MSc so I really need to watch it.
    Drinks wise I think im going to stick to martini extra dry- diet lemonade/coke to minimise the booze syns. Any other ideas welcome!
    I thought I could do some sw friendly nibbles- so far im thinking homemade hummus with veg sticks, mini sw quiches and maybe some kind of chicken skewer with the syn free BBQ sauce.
    Anyone got any other ideas? I have a vegetarian friend and also a lactose intolerant one lol!
    Rosie x
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  3. i_am_plankton

    i_am_plankton Full Member

    For the veggie and lactose intolerant friend I would maybe do some vegan dishes and please both of them? How about a bowl of luso beans (black turtle beans, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, passata and garlic), mushroom/pepper/tomato skewers, chickpea and spinach falafel (Tesco sell frozen Everyday Value ones that cost £1 and come in at half a syn each), tomato and onion pasta/savoury rice (check it's milk free - Tesco have some), cocktail sausages made from Linda McCartney sausages etc?
  4. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Ohh thanks for that!
    I love the sound of the spinach and chickpea falafel- I tend to jump to the conclusion that shop bought=high syn so thats really useful to know!
    Luso beans sound yummy too, and veg kebabs/pasta are nice and easy :)
    Thank you!
    Rosie x
  5. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    Maybe some chicken cut in to chunks, marinated in yoghurt and curry powder then baked or grilled - serve with cocktail sticks

    Am sure theres a free bhaji recipe on here somewhere - have with a free raita

    And for sweet tooth people - a tub of quark mixed with a sachet of white choc options (2.5 syns) and some slices of crispy red apple to dunk in it
  6. Five-By-Five

    Five-By-Five feeling positive :)

    I like to get a sandwich bag and put chunks of fresh chicken, lemon juice, paprika, garlic and pepper in it, then once marinaded in bag( rub the pieces in bag for 5 mins then leave to settle for 30 mins then spread on a baking tray and stick in the oven to cook, once cooked I pop them on skewers and have them with a syn free relish of some sort, or it's really nice in a salad or on some pasta shapes too. X
  7. Samantha26

    Samantha26 Silver Member

    I like the sound of the chickpea and spinach falafels, will definitely be getting them next time i'm in tescos :)

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