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Party Pooper!


Silver Member
:D So tonight we have the football, I'm not really a football fan and my hubby is most deffinately not a football fan but since the world cup started he thinks he's Bobby Robson reincarnated!!

This match tonight is going to be a family affair, so when I went to Tesco I paused at the pringles, then paused at the doritos and salsa dips, then paused at the pizza aisle, and quite happily moved along without putting any of them in my trolley. If I can't eat them they are n't getting them either cause I'm not being tempted by all those yummy things just so they can sit there and stuff their faces while they scream at the TV :D

Do I sound like a completely focused Slimming World member or just a party pooper - all things said hubby could do with losing a few pounds himself so I'm only thinking of him and his expanding waist line :8855::8855:

Any one else going to sucuumb to football frenzy syns or abstain like me and my family will be
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I think I'm lucky because football doesn't interest me in the slightest, and thankfully hubby doesn't bother with it either, so I don't need to get football syns in lol
I like the world cup and hubby does too - and if i decide to nibble (which i may not) i would have low syn hummus for me and normal dips for others with cucumber, peppers of all colours and carrot sticks to dip in them. And celery sticks (i dont like these so for the others) and i would buy 2 bags of cheap tesco tortillas but wouldnt eat any myself :)

Not watched any of it. Accidentally was on one channel with it on and those annoying drone noises was enough to put me off even if I did want to watch, which I dont. Vuvuzela, cool name, brainfrying sound.


Mostly Harmless
Party pooper :hide: :bolt:
I totally agree with you, your a commited member ;) the food doesnt bother me with the football its the alcohol whoopsie!!! xx
We hate football but we are Rugby mad so when it comes to the six nations it does turn into a massive thing in our house. parties etc and i will struggle then but will do my own buffet food aswell stuff for the others. Will have my healthy extra cheese and put that will pineapple. Low syn humous and carrot sticks. Cut up quorn sausages on sticks, grapes to pick etc. Do your own buffet on a plate and pick at that. Your commited to your healthy eating plan. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first x

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