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Hi im thinking about making a pizza seen as i have just picked up some of that tesco crust wholemeal bread mix, i have never had passata before and have seen it used in some recipes. I would usually use tinned tomatoes for pizza but dont think there very tasty, i was wondering if passata is tastier?
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It's okay.. especially for putting on pizza (damn those little syns in puree!) you can simmer it as well to make it thicker :)


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I like the Napolina rustica one, but there are also ones with herbs added - just make sure there is no additional olive oil in the ingredients list.


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Passata is just tinned tomatoes pureed and sieved, so I imagine it would taste the same (unless there are added herbs, garlic, etc.).


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Thanks everyone ive just been and bought some going to have a try :)


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I make pizza sauce out of tinned tomatoes. Chuck them in the blender with a few cloves of garlic and some oregano and whizz until smooth! Very nice!


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I think passata is loads nicer than tinned tomatoes. It is richer and has a nicer flavour. I always think tinned tomatoes can be a bit watery tasting.
I always make pizza toppings using passata, garlic, herbs and chopped onion, all fried in a pan to produce a thicker consistency which is then perfect to spread on top a pizza before adding cheese and any other extras!!


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passata is lovely on homemade pizza, I just spread in on just as it is, and sprinkle some herbs over the top, before adding my toppings.

I don't find you need to add anything more to it, if you are adding some yummy toppings to your pizza.