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Passed my biggest test so far!


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S: 12st9lb C: 10st5lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 2st4lb(18.08%)
I took my son to Mcdonalds for tea and normally I would have a large big mac meal and finish off what he doesn't eat :ashamed0005:. I was planning on getting a salad but decided to nip into Tesco's and bought a small pack of sushi instead. Its a good thing I had as they had no salads at all! :mad: I did find it hard to watch William eat his burger but disn't give in and stuck to my sushi! Feel really pleased with myself tonight. William did make it a bit easier for me though as he ate every single bit of his happy meal for once! lol x
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Well done!!!! This shows that your mind set is changing and you have every reason to feel proud for resisting temptation! Not sure i would have been as good as you! :)
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Good for you!

I resisted toasted hot cross buns with butter in the office on Monday and tucked into a banana instead! It's a great feeling when you're in control.


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S: 12st10lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 2st3lb(17.42%)
Well done! It's not nice at the time, but the feeling of satisfaction after is worth it.


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S: 12st9lb C: 10st5lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 2st4lb(18.08%)
Thanks, it really has shown me that I actually do have willpower in me somewhere! xx


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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st10.0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 1st9.5lb(13.54%)
Well done! You did so well to resist!!

When I go with my son I have either a chicken nugget (6 syns red and EE) Happy meal, or fish finger (6.5 syns red and EE) Happy meal. I swap fries for a fruit bag and have a diet coke.

My son has started swapping his fries for a fruit bag too, result!


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S: 13st3lb C: 9st0.8lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 4st2.2lb(31.46%)
Well done! :) It's great when you realise how much will power you actually have! Most weekends my other half will have a KFC in the food court at the shopping centre, and I head off to the jacket potato counter!

Keep it up :)

Charlie x


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You are not missing anything, I promise, I had a slip a couple of months back and had a Maccas, and it was rank!! Greasy, unfilling and a waste of syns!!! I felt ill after!

I think you'll find in time that you will want stuff like that less and less, and if you do want to flexi syn something it will be a nice proper meal out and not a grotty fast food meal! xxxxxx

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