Passing Out on LT


S: 14st2lb G: 11st11lb's seems like my LT journey might be over..:wave_cry:

1hour ago I was happily at work, lunch time, just had my shake and then I started feeling really bad, went to the bathroom and boom, I passed out! I even broke my front tooth :cry:

Had to come home..I'm still kinda dizzy and shocked..anyone ever had any experience like mine?
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God never had anything like that before have you phoned your gp or pharmacy!!!!

Hope you're okay!!!


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omg are you ok?

i havent passed out but i do feel light headed and a bit shakey sometimes. Hope it doesnt get worse, i have a 5 month old baby.

Jeez that must have been some whack, did you go to your gp before and tell them your going on LT ?


Here we go again!
Hope you are feeling bit better. Had a few dizzy moments in my first week but nothing serious. You sure you haven't caught something else? Best go to the docs just to make sure.

rainbow brite

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This could be due to low blood pressure, I've had a similar experience before. Talk to your doctor about it sharpish xx

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the first week is the worst, really bad around days 3-5!!!! It does get easier but luckily i never passed out!!!! That's pretty serious and i'd get to the doctors office asap, would suspect low blood pressure alright!! Usually the dizziness happened to me if i stood up too quickly or didn't drink water within the first hour of waking!!!
Good luck with it but just be careful, health comes first!!!! xxxxx


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Hope you are feeling better now. I agree with the others and would go and see the Doctor. Was that your first shake of the day, or your second? Were you drinking plenty before-hand. Just asking because if you had an empty stomach and also in work, then maybe this could have caused it. Is your job enegetic or are you sitting down in work? Could be a mixture of things, but would definitely get it seen to.

Hope you do feel better now.

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OMG hope you feel better soon. Felt a little light headed a couple of times nothing worse than that!

Take care.XX


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Aww thanks friends
I'm feeling better already, but my lips are a mess (because of the fall)
But do you wanna hear a funny part?
It was my second shake, it was during my lunch time, I was peeing, and I just had time to get up, then like 1minute after I passed out..and then guess what? all the stuff that was in my jacket'pockets fell into the card, my car keys..etc ahah don't ask me how i did that xD
Oh btw, it was not from blood pressure, it was just fine, and I drank like 1 big bottle of water during the morning, so it wasn't either from's weird, have to go see my doctor realllyyyy soon :\

Well but now I guess I'm gonna do like refeeding for a couple of days, 2 shakes a day + 1 light meal..I don't mind loosing less weight, as long as I don't pass out again (it was my first time) bah

Anyway, good luck to every1 :D


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Take care of yourself and let us know how you are getting on.xxxx

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What seemed to help me was if I started to feel like it was going to happen (I could tell as my vision would go and I'd almost feel like I wasn't 'there') is I would just lie down and close my eyes for a few minutes. 9/10 the feeling passed and I was okay. :)