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Pasta n Sauce Quiche

I am aware that I need to syn this type of quiche; however, I'm not sure how many syns it actually is.

I work it out as the following:-

Green Day
Quark - Free
4 x EL LC Cheese triange - HEA
3 x Eggs - Free
Cheese and broccoli Pasta n Sauce - 1/2 syn
Milk (for pasta) - HEA
Onion - Free
Mushroom - Free

Is this correct? Or should I be synning the pasta at the highest possible value?

Hope the above makes sense.

Thanks x
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It depends! Apparently the new rule is that if you are having it as part of a meal then you can count it as the syn value you give above. If having it as a snack I think you are supposed to count it as the syn value it would be on a red day, so significantly higher for P&S.
I am eating it as a meal. Had some for dinner last night, lunch today and the leftover with dinner tonight. I really should have checked this before I made and ate it!

On the plus side, I guess even at the red day value, over three meals, it is not that bad I suppose. Was really hoping it would be 1/2 syn for the pasta though!

Thanks for quick response x
Thanks, I understood what you meant - I just typed too fast therefore I didn't make sense. :)

I meant that even if I did have to syn it at the red day value, it still wouldn't have been too awful. Very happy that it was only 1/2 syn though!!

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