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Pasta/Rice portions

I eat the recommended portion size given on the pack, roughly 75g rice and 75-100g pasta.
Also, I follow the amounts given in the SW recipes which is pretty much the same as above.


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Well last night I had quorn pilaf from an old SW magazine and it called for 5oz rice for a single-person recipe. That's 140g and I ate it all - yummy it was too! Pasta I tend not to weight but I usually get 4 servings from a 500g bag so that would be 125g.

The recommended amount on the pack is not usually enough for me.
I used to be a carb junky so knew I had to watch my portions so I started off weighing out 50g dry weight -but I started to struggle to eat it all -so yesterday I did 25g dry weight and it was plenty... just to add I have mine in a small bowl and have salad on my plate so its not all Im having :D


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I generally have 50g rice, and between 60 - 75g pasta, depending on what I am having it with.
So for example - carbonara, where its just a bit of bacon and some mushrooms etc - I would have 75g pasta, where as a spag bol, id rather have more of the bol - so reduce down the pasta to 60g!
You of course wouldnt have to do that, just my personal preference.



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I find the recommended amounts too much so I also have about 50g of rice and 75g Pasta.

Also depends if having a lunch or dinner as I will use slightly less for lunch!

I have more than the recommended amount - whoops! Probably 100g-ish for rice and 120g for pasta. Personally I don't think that's excessive, but may have to moderate if weight loss slows down.

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