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Patronising and condescending

This is not meant to be a political thread and has nothing at all to do with the issues discussed on the news today just my own personal observation of a man!!

The man in question is Francis Maude. His patronising and condescending tone of voice made me want to slap him. Who the h5ll does he think he is speaking too, a load of 5 years old.

I had to go into the kitchen.

Rant over.

Please don't make this into a political tread as we are not permitted to discuss politics, nor would I want to. As I said this is just a comment about the unfortunate public speaking manner of someone in power.
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Morning feisty lady:p

Chicago is known as the Windy City. Not as some may think because of any particular weather trait, but because of all the hot air spouted by politicians.

Says it all really;)

At least my hot air is restricted to forums:p

Have a nice day mumsy x

As a general rule, I find i have to wealk away from the TV whenever a politician ofr any ilk decides to potificate - I feel an overwhelming urge to throw the TV out of the window. Its sad, because I studied politics at uni and am still very interested in it. But they all annoy me so much I can't engage in the same way I used to.

There are very few exception to this for me. Tony Benn being the only one I can think of.
Im the same whenever I have the misfortune to catch PMs questions. I always thought people who shouted abuse at the telly were a bit crazy-bonkers because the people who were making them angry couldnt hear them anyway, but I suddenly developed an understanding of WHY they do it after catching this a couple of times.
'Tis a well known fact that the last bloke to ever enter parliament with any good intentions was Guy Fawkes;)

You are so funny !!!