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Paul Mckenna - HELP

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Ok, So after spending 5 hours watching Paul's show, and totally "getting it", I was really pleased to have finally found something that made sense.

However, I am now wondering how I am going to fit it into my daily routine. Like, I suspect, a lot of the women on here, I am a busy working mum of 2 children. On the days that I don't work, it will be easy to eat consciously and only when I am hungry, but on the days that I work, I am just wondering how I am going to fit it in.

I normally make my breakfast, fruit salad, and take it to work with me, to eat at my desk. Then, as I have to take my lunch hour at a specific time, and sometimes have errands to run, i usually grab something like a sandwich, and eat at my desk when I get back to work.

As Paul says in his book, if you can only follow one rule, then make it to eat consciously, but do you think it would be feasible to do at work?

I really want this system to work for me, as I am SO sick of following endless diets and not getting anywhere. I love food, all food and would like to be in control of it, rather than it being in control of me.
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Not meaning to put u on a downer before u start but ,I always found a way to find excuses as to y i couldnt do a diet or how i could bend the rules .You can make this work just prepare food at home or take something to work that u can eat at ur desk like your fruit for breakfast ,get into the right frame of mind hun you have to find a diet that makes you change the way you look at food and the bad habits you have got into .You need to be saying I can do this ,please dont take this as a negative reply I spent many years morbidly obese saying I dont know how I got this big I hardly eat anything or I cant diet as I am a fussy eater ect ect blar blar blar it was only when I said I can change or I will find a way that my brain clicked into place I did the cambridge diet while working in a fish chip shop and now use pauls cd to help me not fall back into my bad habits among other things .YOU CAN FIND AWAY TO DO THIS LIFE CHANGING DIET XXXX
I think, as Mandy said, you may have to pre prepare something at home so you don't have to go out for your lunch, so you can use that time to eat it.

I'm starting it today/tomorrow because I do think it will really work for me where counting calories/points/grams doesn't. I have the CDs and am going to listen to them tonight, already seen the programmes on TV.

I'm looking forward to it to be honest, it does seem a lot easier to follow/maintain than most - I'm not going to be counting points forever and panicking when I'm out and can't decide the points in something!

If you really want to do it then you will find ways around it, I promise :) what's more important than your health and wellbeing?

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I got into PM last year. Recorded his show on telly and got it playing to me on my mp3 player. I have to admit, the 1st 4 weeks it worled. I convinced myself I didn't like chocolate any more, was leaving food even when going out for a meal saying I was full. I got angry because I couldn't tap in public. If I saw something, asked "Do I really want it" and answer was yes. I had switched from chocolate to cakes. For a quick fix it worked for me, lost over a stone in 4 weeks.
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Hi, I just wanted to jump in and say YES! it can totally work for you eating at work if you make it a priority to eat consciously. Move away from the PC, shut the door, take the phone off the hook. The company ill NOT grind to a halt if you actually stop work for 15 minutes.... better still get OUT of the building go sit somewhere nice outside and eat your lunch mindfully!

I have been doing ICMYT since November 2008 and have shed 5 full dress sizes and 70+pounds (with nearly the same to go again), and eating consciously is absolutely THE most important of the 4 rules in my experience... I have a draw full of foods that I like to eat for lunch, and bring a pile of fresh delicious fruit to work each week so I just browse what I have at hand to find what I am in the mood for and eat that. VERY occasionally nothing will tick the boxes so I will pop to the cafe, but mostly I brown bag my lunch.

Listen to the CD as often as you can too, that helps so much!

This program has completely and wonderfully changed my life (busting a lifetime of eating disorders). My fiance has even taken up the four rules just from seeing how much good it has done me... he eats SO much less than he used to and is trimming down and loving life.

The other night we were having dinner and he said "Oh man, I just got the "sigh"...." and pushed his plate away...

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