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Paypal advise


Loves Norman Reedus
I have recently joined back up to paypal as before i had some frauds done on my account (i linked it to paypal), it started of with just a few pennys then they took over £200, all done on the stock market. I had to close my account and open a new one.
Just checked my bank account on line and i see a direct debit for 30p gone from my account. i wont be able to see where it's gone to until tomorrow, when i am going to have to go to the bank.
Anyone else have this problem.

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When my paypal account was validated, they actually credited my account with 2 small amounts, rather than debiting it.

I would contact your card provider by phone, best to find out sooner, rather than later if it's something dodgy.
I only remember because I thought 'it's not often you'd find a company giving even a penny away!'
last year i went to use my debit card to pay for some shopping but i was refused so i rang my bank they asked me if i had bought an i tune i said no they said they thought it was someone taking a small amount out of my card to see if it worked then they would take more so they cancelled my card in case, ring them up to see what the money was used for better to be safe than sorry :eek:
I would ring them as someone tried to take a small amount of £1 from my credit card the same as Valerie11. Credit card company said the same that whoever it was would try to see if a small amount would go through to check if the account was still active then hit me with a large transaction.


Loves Norman Reedus
Panic over. I changed the direct debit date for my son's mobile phone and they did tell me that there would be two payments coming out. they said that one would be slightly less than normal and that there would be another small charge coming out.
When they said small i didnt figure it would be 30p.
thanks for all your advise.

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