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PCOS strikes...!


Going for Goal!
Hi everyone,

As the title says, I have PCOS - I've known I had this condition since mid teens (14 years old)

Over the years my totm has been either non existent, or upon me with a real vengeance.

At my biggest (21 stone :eek::eek::eek:) I hadn't had a 'show' for about a year. The year before that my totm would be light and last only a few days.

Now however, I have been on for 2 weeks 3 days and it's not getting any lighter. I'm in a lot of pain and feel quite rough tbh.

On the first week of totm, I was amazed I had lost 7lbs, considering how heavy I was. Yesterday I weighed again with my cdc and have STS. I think if the truth be known, I expected to loose again as I had last week. I guess it wasn't meant to be!

Oh the joys of PCOS...:sigh:
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Slimming down the aisle
Aww Emma that sucks, but try not to get disheartened about it! You know that this is probably going to effect you. If you have stayed on track and not cheated, then next week it'll probably all come off! You just have to try and stay positive. We'll be at our goal of 2.5-3 stone lighter by September 12th in no time!!


Going for Goal!
I hope so Caro ! I've beenn as good as gold, so I really hope next week totm will have gone and so will have plenty of fatty lbs!!!!

Hugs x x x

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