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Pcos! SW! ttc!

Discussion in 'PCOS' started by Kylaa15, 31 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Kylaa15

    Kylaa15 Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    This is only my second post! So bear with me lol.

    When I was fifteen I seen an article in a mag about pcos,and self diagnosed!after going through gp and hospital It was confirmed! I've never really had periods,I have really bad hair growth!and always been a big girl lol!
    I've never wanted to be an older mum! And have always said if I need help for fertility I'm going to kickstart the long process in my early twenties!I started that process 2years ago, my aunty had to have Ivf, but I no if I'm being serious about wanting to bring a child into this world my first must is to budge 10stone! Not only will that increase my chances of conceiving naturally but I'd be so much more fit and healthier!

    I go for 6 monthly meetings at the hospital,they started me on metformin but I didn't react very good to them,and to be honest I am so rubbish at taking tablets! And everytime I go they just say the same thing, lose weight!

    So I joined slimming world again for the 2nd time, I've just done my 3rd week and so far I've lost a stone! Really pleased with myself, and currently I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating for the first time! Well, at least the first time I've showed signs, 9 days after my 1st 7 day period ever!!!!
    No one seems to understand my excitement!lol hopefully if your reading this you might be in a pretty much same situation!

    Would love to meet and chat with others on a losing weight and trying to conceive journey:)
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  3. LizB

    LizB Well-Known Member

    Congrats for ovulating and well done for losing over a stone so far! I don't want to be an older mum either but I've got to find a man first so no TTC for me yet!
    I'm also trying slimming world with varied success!

    Good luck and keep us up to date,
    Liz x

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  4. summertime

    summertime New Member

    Congrats Kylaa15 - I too have PCOS and have joined online SW though (am on 3rd week) am havin teething probs and no real weight loss as of yet... can I ask did you do EE and did you experience any issues? I seem to have bloating/constipation which Im not sure is meant to be the way especially with PCOS!
  5. LizB

    LizB Well-Known Member

    What sort of foods are you eating? I can get constipation and bloating at times. Usually means I'm eating too many processed carbs or veggies so I try and mix it up with some fruit and some more protein

    Good luck
    Liz x

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  6. Kylaa15

    Kylaa15 Well-Known Member

    Arrgh!so sorry I'm only just replying!forgot about the forum!

    Yeah I'm doing ee, I like it because if I'm having a bad week,I can go to my weigh in and start again.

    I'm a really fussy eater,I only eat apples,oranges and grapes for fruit. I don't really eat any green veg at all!
    I find if I don't eat sandwiches I plan a head,and have some thing completely free. I like quick easy meals. So I use quorn as that's nice and quick. Pork and beef strips,like stir dry. Strips.

    Errm I don't really suffer with any bowel problems,I do get bloating,but put that down to fizzy pop normally.

    Speak soon :)

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